Thursday, October 7, 2010

I fall to pieces...

Her name was Abby Normal and she had just finished her shift at Blood Bath and Beyond. She hurried down the street without making eye contact with anyone. She had had a rough week. She wasn't feeling like herself and knew that if she could just get her head on straight, she could get back on track. She needed a drink. A couple of blocks later, she lifted her gaze and found herself at the entrance of her favorite watering hole, The Bubbling Cauldron. She stepped inside and instantly began to feel a weight lift from her shoulders.

She spied an empty stool at the bar, sat down, and ordered a Bloody Mary. Ironically, she had been enjoying this very same drink in this very same bar the night that things started falling apart.

On that particular evening, about two weeks ago, she had met a man. Of course there was a man. There was always a man. Whenever Abby was experiencing a dark point in her life, there was usually a man at the root of the problem. He was an odd fellow, handsome, but wearing a white lab coat. He was charming and had a knack for telling old jokes. A real cut up. His name was Frank N. Stein. He was adamant about including his middle initial when he introduced himself to Abby. They laughed, they joked, they drank. After who knows how many libations, Abby slid down off her stool and away they went to continue the party at his place.

She awoke the next morning with a splitting headache. Ever since then, Frank had called non-stop, wanting to get together again. She avoided his calls and refused his advances, continuously making up excuses. She played it as cool as a cucumber. There was only one problem. She kind of liked this guy. In fact, she liked this guy a lot. Why was she keeping her distance from him? Sure, he was a little different. The white lab coat, the jars of brains decorating his mantel, the fully equipped laboratory in his basement, but every guy she had dated had been a little quirky. Besides, Frank had a terrific sense of humor, and any guy who could keep her in stitches was alright with Abby. She smiled fondly at the thought of him. Just then her phone rang. She reached into her side pocket, checked the caller ID, and answered..."Hello, Frank".


LOL! How did you like my little bit of monster noir? Every mother's dream is that their daughter will marry a doctor...hahaha! Anyway, I had as much fun making up a backstory for my card as I did making the card. I couldn't resist giving Bombshell Angel a green pallor and adding a few scars in celebration of the upcoming Halloween holiday. I looooovvvveee Halloween! I have tons of Halloween images, but it was fun to take a regular image and give it a macabre spin. I may try it again.

For this card, I had two sources of inspiration. One was the Sketch Challenge at the Bombshell Stamps Forum created by the lovely and talented Kathy. The other was the theme for this months Blog Hop which is "Halloween", the devilish creation of our kick ass Blog Hop Captain, Kas. Now, I know I can't use this card for the hop, since you've already seen it, but let's call it a practice run. I'll make another before the hop rolls around. How about you? Do you have something crafty up your sleeves using Bombshell Stamps? If you do, head over to the forum to grab the details of all of the current challenges. AND...if you don't, head over there anyway and get an eyeful of inspiration to get you started. I really hope I see you there ;D


  1. OH MY WORD !!!! LOVE your zombie pin up this card is awesome xxxx

  2. I love this card. And your post! It is hysterical!!!!!

  3. What a fun story, and this card is so great for Halloween. Soooo cute and clever!!

  4. *licks screen* that is stunning halloween Bombshell!!

  5. Love the card!! Really love the story though...too funny!

  6. That story was fan-freakin-tastic and had me giggling.

    Quit your day job and start a writing career!

    Your card is great. I love the Bombshell Angel pin-up as Frankenstein! The stitches and her green complection are perfect!!!

  7. Gorgeous card ! I love the background and al the stamp you use (spider, and all). THe colors are great too !

  8. Cheryl that is too funny! You are soooo fun! :)

  9. I just found your blog and I am so INSPIRED by you!!! This is an incredible are glad I found you!



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