Thursday, September 22, 2011

Card #2 for Saturday's Class

Hey, all!  Did you make it past Hump Day?  Awesome, cuz that means we're steadily cruising closer to the weekend.  It's so close, I can almost touch!  I'm really looking forward to Saturday afternoon, because I will be spending it with 12 of my crafting buddies, making a  couple of creepy cool Dia de los Muertos cards.

I shared one of the cards with you yesterday and I'm back today with the second one.  I went with more traditional Halloween colors this time and added a line from a haunting poem called Death by Emily Dickinson.  The first verse reads...
Because I could not stop for Death, 
he kindly stopped for me; 
the carriage held but just ourselves 
and Immortality.

Isn't that wonderful.  Read the full poem here.  I became aware of this lovely bit of prose because of a fabulous painting created by my favorite artist, Brandon Maldonado.  The painting is called The Carriage and features the first verse of the poem written by hand at the bottom of the piece.  I'm really quite smitten by the imagery combined with these words.  Guess I'll have to add this print to my Brandon Maldonado collection.  

Ok, so those are the 2 cards I'll be teaching on Saturday.  I love this time of year because you have the One-Two Punch of Halloween followed immediately by Dia de los Muertos.  In fact, I LOVE this time of year SO MUCH, I'm thinking about having a giveaway.  I haven't got all the fine details worked out yet, but keep checking back and I should have it posted in a few days.  

Catch ya' later!  Until then, stay crafty!  


  1. Love your cards, they are amazing and I'm a big fan of halloween! =)
    Hugs, Elenor

  2. Totally fabulous coloring job of the Third Coast Catrina image!

    Great design and I love that poem.

  3. Love this classy lady! great colors you chose...the ribbon and button give it a very tailored look! Have fun with your class!
    Hugs, Mom

  4. great cards and sketches sheryl.
    beautiful colouring and I love the bows.

    greetings karin

  5. You have done it again.
    Amazing cards.

  6. OOh hon! Love these images! Fabulous cards! A ADORE Dia De Los Muertos. My whole dining room turns into a shrine. xxD

  7. Awesome as always Cheryl
    Donna xx


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