Monday, August 17, 2009

The Love of My Life...Copic Markers

The love of my "crafting" life, anyway!

I received my very first comment on my blog and I am giddy with excitement!!! Hi Cynthia!! She reminded me that in Saturday's class we used Copic markers to add color to our images and some of the folks attending wanted me to give them a list of my favorite colors. If you're not familiar with these fabulous tools, they are alcohol ink markers that provide excellent, streak-free coverage. The finish is smooth and they are available in over 300 colors. The 12 colors in the photo above are my absolute faves, meaning I absolutely could not live without them. Here's a break down:

0 Colorless Blender - not so much a blender as a color "remover". Great for adding highlights or correcting a small mistake.
BG10 Cool Shadow - ever so light, this color is great for outlining an image and giving it depth. It almost disappears.
BG72 Ice Ocean - a beautiful shade of blue green.
BV04 Blue Berry - a lovely shade of blue violet.
C3 Cool Gray No. 3 - a light shade of gray that can be used to outline an image, but also looks great applied as color or shading.
E00 Skin White - perfect for skin tones.
E02 Fruit Pink - a nice blush of color for cheeks or shading around hairline.
E31 Brick Beige - a neutral color. Great for adding a ground shadow to an object or person.
R29 Lipstick Red - a wonderful shade of red.
Y21 Buttercup Yellow - a terrific soft yellow that is not too bright (I'm not talking about its IQ!)
YG03 Yellow Green - just what the name says, a great yellow green color.
YR07 Cadmium Orange - I love orange and my faves wouldn't be complete without this color.

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  1. Hi Cheryl! Found out from Mom Marilyn that you have an Etsy store! Cool!! Love Etsy! Will be visiting soon!
    And your photo of your Copics markers is almost the same as my photo of my Copics! Check it out!


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