Thursday, September 16, 2010

Edward who?

Good Morning! I'm back today with a new card.

My husband's coworker needed a card for a friends birthday who just happens to be a huge Twilight fan. She wanted me to poke a little bit of fun at Twilight. Unfortunately, I don't have a huge collection of vampire stamps and, as a matter of fact, until a couple of weeks ago, I didn't have even one! Don't get me wrong, I love vampires, particularly of the True Blood variety and even more particularly of the Eric Northman variety. Speaking of True Blood...was anyone else disappointed in the season finale? Someone needs to tell the writers that not every character needs a major story arc. Too much going on almost to the point of ridiculous. The story has strayed so much from the books that it is almost unrecognizable. Please, oh please, Mr. Alan Ball, get it together next season!

Anyway, I where was I? Oh, yes, I didn't own even one vampire stamp. However, lo and behold, my sweet, sweet mom mailed me the new Kraftin' Kimmies Halloween set and there just so happened to be a vampire stamp in the mix. Yay, mom! It's a good one, too! It is sort of a large image, so I really didn't need to add any other accouterments to it. I colored it with Copics, but for the life of me, I can't recall which colors I used. I've really got to start writing them down. Inside, the card will say "Edward who?" I think that's sort of a subtle poke at Twilight, don't you?

That's it for today. I am hoping I'll be back tomorrow with something new, but it seems I just jinx myself when I make those claims, so I am going to refrain. See you tomorrow...maybe ;D


  1. Such a great card Cheryl with great colouring as usual. You're great at tying bows too, something I just haven't got the hang of. I'm well behind on my blogging I really love reading yours though you've got a great writing style

  2. Lol ! love this image :-)
    Your card is so nice, the ribbon is great ! Love the colors you used !

  3. Hi cheryl, what a lovely cards.
    I just cant keep up on your blog, how can you have somany idears.
    I love the little ballarina, so adoreble.

  4. Oh this is great!!! First time I've seen this image!! I love it!! And your coloring and layout is gorgeous!!

  5. Visiting via your link on SCS. What a great blog, and what amazing designs. Have to Follow this one!


  6. This is so great, and I don't even have mine mounted on cling yet! Got to get that done...soon!
    This card is so outstanding!

  7. what a fun card sheryl
    great images and your coloring is soo great

    greetings karin

  8. Hi Cheryl! Heard you got to spend time with my mom at CP2 today. I love your Drac! I've stamped mine out and he is waiting to be colored. I love how you colored the inside of his cape green, it looks very vintage, like you could touch it and it would feel velvety.
    I am not caught up on my tru blood watching but I feel the same way as you do. I fast forward past some of the other characters stories. Thanks for sharing your creativity!

  9. are flipping amazing. Sorry I oew ya' an email. who's worse you or me??? mE

  10. Oh my gosh, Cheryl! this is beautiful! You always amaze me with your coloring skill!

  11. This is TOO cute! Great job on the coloring (of course)

  12. Hi Cheryl

    I thought I already left a comment on this card, but I dont see it.
    Sorry If I have doubled up.

    I really love this card the image is hillarious and your colouring is crazy out of this world AWESOME!

    This card would be a great send up one to send to a friend of mine, she is in her 40's but a die hard Edward fan.

    Michelle :-)

  13. It's a fabulous card with your amazing coloring. The image is really cute and fun too.


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