Saturday, March 12, 2011

My Husband is an Entree-preneur

Hello, Blogland!  How is your weekend thus far?  It is warm and sunny in Albuquerque, so I am hoping it is the same for you at your end of the keyboard.  One step outside our front door and it is apparent that Old Man Winter is packing up and leaving town.  Good!

With the warmer weather comes the Time Change which swoops in and steals an hour of sleep from us, but graciously replaces it with a glorious hour of additional daylight.  The price is steep, because I do love my zzzz's, but the reward is well worth it.

My husband grills year-round.  We are lucky to live in a mild climate, so grilling season is a never ending luxury which you might think is as good as it gets.  However, that additional hour of daylight buys us warm evenings to enjoy dinner on the patio and savor the smokey aromas of whatever meat-du-jour Kirk has sizzling on the grill.

Kirk is ridiculously adorable wielding a spatula, but besides that, he possesses some serious culinary chops (pun intended).  He's been finessing his gastronomic talents over the years, carefully researching and experimenting with the best methods for cooking all types and cuts of meats, and developing sauces and spice rubs that make their flavors sing.  He recently started his own business, Albukirky Seasonings, and currently markets and sells his most popular seasoning blend, a BBQ Spice Rub.  This rub enhances the flavors of anything lucky enough to collide with it including...chicken, pork, lamb and beef.  If meat is not your thing, it gives potatoes and vegetables a zesty kick.  If vegetables are not your thing and vodka is, I have added it to Bloody Mary's for a zing that makes the taste buds sizzle.  It's a workhorse of a blend!

I know what you're thinking..."but, Cheryl, how can I add this remarkable seasoning blend to my cooking arsenal?"  Easy!  My husband normally sells this delicious rub online at his store for $8.00 a bottle plus shipping and handling.  He is offering my blog followers a 10% discount this week if you use the discount code INKTRAP.  I don't normally shill products on my blog that aren't related to stamping, but I feel strongly that Kirk has worked his tookus off to create a top quality product that folks will enjoy.  Click the link below to get to his store and don't forget to use the discount code INKTRAP at checkout.  Visit his blog, Albukirky BBQ and Stuff, often for grilling and cooking tips, recipes, and culinary inspiration.

Back to cardmaking tomorrow.  Mom and I stayed up to 4:30am this morning whipping up some fun cards that I will share with you next week.  There's a new Kenny K challenge tomorrow, so do come back for a visit ;D  Until then, stay crafty!  


  1. OMG That all looks so GOOD! I have been meaning to buy some of Kirk's Seasonings, I will for sure. Love the Bloody Mary idea. How fun making cards with your mom, I miss crafting with my mom now that she is back in NM. Can't wait to see what you two created. :)

  2. EEEEEEEEEeeeekkk!!!
    To a vegetarian like me is doesn't appeal to me at all.....
    You should have warned me for those pics...brrrrrr.....I so much prefer your artwork!!


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