Friday, April 22, 2011

Another Bombshell Wedding Card and a Pretty Face

Hey, all!  You see that pretty face?  That is Super Titus Devil Kitty, is he not a handsome dude?!  It's hard to get a good picture of him, because he has no "off" button and is in constant motion.  When he does settle down for a brief moment, I never seem to have my camera handy.

On this particular day, I decided to follow him around until I was sure I had a handful of reasonably decent photos.  Needless to say, it took me 300 shots and 45 minutes to acquire 5 or 6 blog worthy photos.  Titus does not seem to give a rat's tookus about the necessity of having entertaining blog content and quality pics to keep folks interested.  I desperately tried to teach him the finer nuances of blogging, but he can't be bothered, and to be honest, his typing skills are less than par.  He doesn't even try, really...just lays on the keyboard.  I've never seen that technique before.  His attention span is much too short for blogging.  I'm thinking he's more of a "short bursts of entertaining commentary" type of guy.  Twitter, maybe?  Facebook, perhaps?  We'll find his social media niche one of these days.

Enough Titus Talk ;D  I have a card to share with you.  I scheduled an Off-kilter Wedding Card class for May at China Phoenix 2.  Coincidentally, Rachael, our Bombshell Pin-Up for the month of April picked Bombshell Weddings as her challenge theme for her reigning month.  How cool is that!?!  I was able to make samples for my class and for Rachael's challenge theme.  I love double dipping on the old "to do" list.  Killing two cards with one stone, so to speak ;D

The card I featured in my previous post for the Bombshell Blog Hop is one of two cards I will teach during my class.  Today I'm featuring the second card.  This card uses the Man's Ruin Bombshell Stamps set.  Is this gal having a good time, or what!  LOL!  I colored her up using my Copics and cut out an extra leg to hang over the rim of the glass.  The glass, by the way, is covered in dimensional lacquer and at the last moment I decided to sprinkle it sparingly with a pinch of translucent glitter.  This gives the effect that the libation in the glass is of the effervescent variety.  Or so it appears to me ;D  This is an easy no muss way to add a little glitz and glam to lots of different projects.

For the inside, I'm working on a little ditty.  Remember, these are off-kilter wedding cards, so snarky is welcome ;D  Maybe you can goes..

Kick up your heels,
and raise a glass.
You're tying the knot,      

I know, the obvious choice for the last line is something that ends with "ass", which is perfectly fine, but it's got to be funny, clever and snarky.  That's a pretty tall order...LOL!

Okay, that's it for now!  Catch you later ;D  Until then, stay crafty ;D   


  1. Owh, Titus is hansome. He looks great on that picture. I admire your determination to follow him arround for that long and taking all those pictures. Wasn't Titus getting crazy from you following him? My cats would not like me doing that and would show that by go in hiding or give me grompy looks.

    Your card looks great.


  2. Titus is SO handsome! I know what you mean by having a hard time getting kitties to sit still! :)

    Your card is STUNNING! I know...I use that word for your cards all the time...but it's true! I LOVE the colors! The lace...the rhinestones...My oh my! It's really beautiful! Can't wait to see what your last line for the inside will be!

  3. This is simply gorgeous ! Cute cat!

  4. beautiful card sheryl, love that glitter on the edges from your nestie.

    greetings karin

  5. This card came out GREAT! i love the way you 3D her leg!! and i LOVE "diamond glaze!"

  6. Can we just say awesome? I am running out of words to describe your cards. The details are astounding. I love the glitter idea and will be adding it to my arsenal.

    Titus is very handsome in a cat sort of way. Puppies seem to be better at typing, mine butt types - I Haven't figured out the code yet though.

  7. Is that Titus just the cutest critter, ever!! I think he's posing! Hee Hee
    Love your card...gorgeous as usual!!
    Hugs, Mom

  8. lol at your following your lovely Titus around, worth it tho hunny - he is such a lovely colour and has lovely big eyes.

    your card is fantastic - love that image - i don't think it will be long before i get some of these stamps, i keep looking at your work and always go wow - that is so different

    hope you have a lovely Easter holiday

    Take Care, Sarah xx

  9. I'll have to show this to my girl...she'll laugh and laugh because she's showing her nalgas!

    Adorable, and sexy as usual!

  10. Love the pretty color scheme and all the sparkle on this card. Great job. She's one of my favorite stamps.

  11. Hi Cheryl a fabulous card not sure I could fit in a champagne glass Id probably smash it, but a stunning result for sure.
    Its lovley to meet Titus even if he is a evasive. with hugs Shirleyxxx

  12. a beautiful card Cheryl-and such a perty kitty ;)

  13. *not selling your ass* :D <---the last line...

    Great card. I love the glitter, the hanging leg, and your coloring.

    I can't believe you have the patience to let that amoung of Glossy Accents dry. I don't. That's why I UTEE.

    Your cat is gorgeous and reminds me of my dearly departed Raoul Duke. He was cool because he could say his name..."Rrrrrow-oooool". He could also look over top of the table without stretching. He was a tall fun dude. :(


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