Monday, December 12, 2011

AlbuKirky Seasonings is having a sale!

Calling all Foodies!  As many of you know, my husband Kirk is "the" Kirk behind AlbuKirky Seasonings.  He's skilled in the kitchen and even more so behind a smoker or a grill.  A year ago, he launched his AlbuKirky Seasoning's brand and has steadily added new products to his line.  He now has 3 spice blends in his online store and, of course, his flagship red chile based BBQ Sauce.  To celebrate his first tasty year in business he's having a sale and all products are only $5.00 a bottle + S&H.  Yes, you read that correctly...only $5.00 a bottle + S&H.  These products make wonderful stocking stuffers for the holidays and are great additions in gift baskets for those special culinary aficionados on your shopping list.  Why not treat yourself to a few bottles, as well.

Visit Kirk's online store to take full advantage of this offer throughout the month of December.  Also, "like" his AlbuKirky Seasoning's Facebook page and receive notifications of future specials and blog updates featuring his recipes.  Speaking of his blog, why not head over there and become a follower while you're out and about in Blogland :)

A tangy blend with a spicy red chile base.  The BBQ rub is used to season this delectable elixir.   This sauce is not your typical sweet sauce.  Delicious on beef, pork, and chicken.  
This is where it all started.    This spice blend was years in the making, but the results were well worth the wait.   Add a Southwest kick to meats, veggies, potatoes...the list is endless. 
Is green chile more your  flavor profile?  This is the rub for you!  A green chile base makes this blend particularly excellent on chicken, pork and fish.  We hear it does good things for scrambled eggs, too. 
The latest addition to the AlbuKirky Seasonings family.  This is a simple steakhouse blend of salt, pepper, garlic and other secret spices that elevates the flavor of beef to a whole new taste level.  Enhance the quality of your steaks and burgers with a dash or two of this all purpose blend that no kitchen should be without.  We've already had a number of repeat customers for this product.  

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  1. Ohhhh I didnt know your hubby was a culinary genius. What a talented household you have. Lee x


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