Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Quick and Easy Valentine's Day Cards

Hello, Bloggers!  What's that smell?!  Oh, yeah!  It's love!  LOVE is in the air!  

Are you like me?  I make cards ALL the time, but never seem to have enough time to make cards for the special people in my life, such as, birthday cards, Christmas cards, Mother and Father's Day cards, etc.  Yes, the list is endless!  I have stacks of cards sitting around my house, but I never seem to have anything that fits the bill when it comes to special cards for family and friends.  I have to confess that until a couple of years ago, I had never made a birthday card for my husband.  I know.  I'm terrible!  It never even occurred to me!  I've only been making cards for 15 years now, you would think that I would somehow make the connection to make him one.  Sheesh!  I've never been accused of being the sharpest pair of scissors in the craft bag.    

Oh, well!  I could sit here and beat myself up about it all day, but that would only be fun for my blog visitors for a short while and then it would get old.  I think part of the problem is that I am a very slow paper crafter.  It takes me roughly 4 hours to create a card from start to finish, sometimes longer.  The thought of creating 10 cards at time is exhausting to even think about!  So let's not think about it...LOL!    Instead, let me share with you a couple of quick and easy Valentine's Day cards I created using some wonderful papers from the "Lovely" line by Authentique and some Punch Out elements from that same group.  These cards came together quickly and with little effort.  I added buttons, twine and bling and was able to come up with a couple of cards to give out.  These, however, I took to the stamp store I work at, The Hen House Paperie.  A beautiful store filled to the brim with paper-y delights!  If you find yourself in the Albuquerque area, you should pop in and say "hello"!  

Okay, that's it for now!  Until next time, stay crafty!     


  1. Hi Cheryl!
    What a lovely card :) love the buttons and twine :)
    I can recognise my self in what you are describing. Both with making cards for friends and family and how long it takes to do a card :) Hugs

  2. love these cheryl!!! you layer up your cards so beautifully :)hahaha i am the same - i never have any cards left over oops!! :) xx


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