Friday, April 9, 2010

The Queen of Hearts

Good Morning! You may recall, a couple of weeks ago I shared a picture of some new Alice in Wonderland stamps that I purchased from CP2. The stamps are by Mad Rat Rubber Stamps and they are of the original Alice in Wonderland illustrations. I've seen lots of artist interpretations of the famous tale, but none speak to me like the originals. I guess it's the magic of nostalgia, because I remember seeing these images in a compendium book of famous children's stories I had as a little girl. I need to ask mom about that book, because I would love to peruse is wondrous pages again. I did, however, recently pick up a beautifully illustrated version of Alice based on my current, slightly off-kilter tastes in art. As soon as I walked into the bookstore and sauntered over to the huge table holding the numerous volumes of this timeless children's classic, I was immediately drawn to the book where Camille Rose Garcia's haunting illustrations resided. They are, in a word...FABULOUS! Needless to say, this book had to come home with me. Take a peek inside the pages in this video where the artist talks about creating the art for this project.

HOWEVER, I digress...the image that I used for today's card is directly culled from the pages of the original illustrations and features the magnificent Queen of Hearts. I wanted this card to be dark and rich in color...lots of reds, blacks, and a touch of gold, because naturally she is quite decadent. I used various pattern papers to try to achieve the opulence of the Red Queen. I colored her image with Copics, again, focusing on reds and golds. Believe it or not, I only used about 9 colors on her including the skin tones. I think I can use some work on achieving the appearance of gold with the Copics. Guess I need to research that. Dontcha love the Internet! A wealth of information at a moments notice right at your fingertips ;D I added some sparkle with a Gold Spica Glitter Pen, and a few flowers and gems, but I want to point out the fabulous ribbon. I picked up this ribbon at Hobby Lobby and it has the tucks sewn right in. It is fantastic and I wish my pictures were better so you can see it more clearly. I picked it up black and brown, but if they had more colors, I would have bought them all!

I haven't finished the inside of this card, but I have a stamp that has the "The Queen of Hearts, she made some tarts..." verse on it, so I think I will put that on a tag and stick it in a pocket inside. Tomorrow I will share another Alice themed card with you, so swing back by for a looksie. Have a great Friday ;D


  1. So gorgeous, and too delightful! I looove your interpretation of this character! You really captured her beautifully!
    Hugs, Mom

  2. Such a gorgeous card, Cheryl! All the details, your coloring...Just gorgeous!

  3. gorgeous...and sooo cool !
    Unique ART Cheryl!

  4. I love this! The colours do reflect decadence. I love both this and the Alice card but this one I prefer I think because of the colours.

  5. Totally fantastic. I love the colors you chose, your coloring, and the embellishments.

  6. Your coloring and composition in fantastic. so glad I found you!


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