Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Blog Hoppin' with the Bombshells

I have two posts today, so be sure to scroll down to catch my other entry ;D

Today I am blog hoppin' with the Bombshells! This month's hop challenge is titled, "Look Ma, I Did It!" Bombshell Hop Captain, Kasmello, gives us the deets:

Call it a Mother's Day theme....or Just fun. This month, we want to see what you are made of....and what you can make.

You can make any sort of project, a card, a layout, an altered just need to make a handmade embellishment. It can be a flower, button, etc... You just have to make it.

Pair it with a great Bombshell stamp and get ready for the bloghop.

My husband's birthday was yesterday and as I have thoroughly confessed on numerous occasions, I am a procrastinator. Therefore, by process of elimination, and you, being the crafty sleuth that you are, can already deduce that I did not even start his card until yesterday afternoon. Lucky for me, I am the proud owner of a legitimate "Bag of Tricks". What?! You thought that was just a saying? No way! It actually exists and I am in possession of! Actually, it just boils down to a couple of large plastic gallon zip-top bags that act as the home to a number of pre-stamped images, some colored, some not, and lots of little pieces of "this and that". Given that Bombshell Stamps is one of my favorite stamp companies, it stands to reason that there is a substantial inventory of BSS images in those bags just waiting to be turned into something crafty. That was the case with this flaming heart from the Sacred Heart set. It was even colored and the vine was already double embossed to give it some dimension. This image might look familiar to you. That's because I used an identical heart on this card here. Nope, I didn't cannibalize the other card to create this one. For whatever reason, when I get on a coloring kick, I have a tendency to do up multiples of the same image. Crazy, huh!

Long story short, my "Bag of Tricks" came to my rescue once again and I was able to put this card together relatively quickly. My handmade embellie is the little yellow felt flower in the corner. I love this flower and have vowed to make these in mass quantities as soon as I have a sec. It was really easy to do. I found a link to this tutorial by Lollychops on one of my favorite blogs and truly thought I had stumbled upon the Treasure of the Sierra Madre...haha! Flowers...! We don't need no stinkin' flowers...!! Okay, I'm a dork ;D BUT, this dork does need flowers and this tutorial is gonna' quench that botanical thirst. Check it out! You'll dig it ;D

Back to the blog hop! There are lots of talented paper artists waiting for you to share some love by visiting their blogs. Leave a comment at each stop along the way for your chance to win May's prize package! Hit all the stops on the list below and I guarantee you will be hankering to play with some Bombshell images. Next month why not join the hop by creating something awesome with those new BSS stamps that I know you're going to order ;D The hop takes place the last Wednesday of every month and our incomparable Blog Hop Captain, Kasmello, lays out the details in the BSS forum so be sure and stop in for a looksie.

Cheryl Hola!


  1. BEAUTIFUL- your colouring is , as ever, stunning!!!

  2. WOW Cheryl this card is amazing, your coolouring just blows me away xxx

  3. Cheryl, this is FABULOUS!! Beautifully colored and that handmade felt flower is jus beautiful!!! You are amazing!

  4. Holy Cow! This is just stunning! I LOVE your coloring! The thorns just pop!!! Double embossing is a wonderful thing! It's really a fantastic card!!!

  5. I love felt and I love flowers This is perfect!!!
    I am going to check out that link for the tut ASAP!
    Thanks X 3

  6. Thanks for adding the tutorial! As usual your card is amazing!

  7. I've always loved this heart and you did a fantastic job coloring it and the card is fab!

  8. Cheryl, your work is always so breathtaking. Thank you so much for always giving such amazing inspiration.

  9. You rock. Yep. It's true. This card is fan-tas-tic! I love everything about it, especially that fabulous felt flower.

  10. Ok so I have to get that stamp now!Great card!

  11. Gorgeous, Cheryl! I love that felt flower! Off to try and make a few!
    Love Ya! Mom

  12. This is awesome! I totally love it! Love the way its colored, the colors used, everything! Awesome job lady!

  13. I always love your cards, the colors are so rich and bold and the card layouts are always great!

  14. Totally unbelievably stunning and gorgeous!!

    This should be framed!!

    Crafty Hugs!


  15. Gorgeous!! I love the tutorial you linked to also. Thanks for the link! :)

  16. You always make me giggle when I read your posts or snort, but that doesn't sound as good! lol
    Lordy, I love this card! It is just gorgeous! Your coloring is amazing, and I'm off to bookmark the felt flower tutorial b/c it is just plain fabulous!!!


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