Thursday, May 6, 2010

June Card Class at CP2: Part 2

Hello, again. Today I bring you the second card I will be teaching on June 5th at China Phoenix 2. It features another image by B Line Designs and a word stamp by Hampton Art Stamps. This card is pretty straight forward. Just a few lovely layers of some October Afternoon papers, a bit of glitter glue, some girlie embellies, and there you have it. All finished and ready to mail. I do enjoy a quick and pretty card.

On a separate note...I have determined through much long and arduous research that there are two types of cardmakers. Oh, who am I kidding? I find it more entertaining and less taxing to just make things up, so that's the method I am going to use here. Okay, where was I? Oh yeah, two groups of cardmakers...the first group I will refer to as the Zippy McPaper Wizards. These folks are uber prepared, always way ahead of schedule, and they create massive amounts of lovely projects. Right now, they are worried about creating 75 Arbor Day cards...for NEXT year! That's how good these people are. The second group I will refer to as the Crafty Slackers. They kowtow to no calendar and the mere suggestion of a deadline will incite a rage so fierce that they will react by...well, missing the deadline, of course. If you're friends with this second type of cardmaker, you may or may not get a birthday card and if you do, it may or may not be in the same month as your birthday let alone the same year...wait...what?

Guess which group I fall into? Yep, the second one. True to the Crafty Slacker form, I just finished my Mother's Day card. It will be going out in the mail bright and early Friday morning. Sorry mom, it's going to be late :( I wish I could post pics of it, but that would certainly ruin the surprise, as mom is one of my loyal blog readers. I'm pretty certain she's required to read my blog...I think it's written in some sort of Mother's Code of Conduct Rule Book, Section 312, Paragraph 27, under the title Obligatory Maternal Support where if you gave birth to it, you have to eagerly support everything it aspires to do or be, even though it may or may not have a knack for said aspirations. You know, Obligatory Maternal Support sounds a bit like this, "Oh, honey, I believe that was the most graceful pirouette that I have ever had the pleasure of witnessing, now brush the dirt of your butt, and let me slap a bandaid on that scraped knee, then we can go get ice cream."

You see, mom has followed my blog since day one. The same cannot be said of my husband, my best friends, or even my sister. Though she sometimes makes an appearance, her attendance is sketchy at best. (I love ya, Sis, but you know it's true.) Mom, however, is always there, ready to boost my morale with words of encouragement and support. Just like she has been my entire life. Waiting in the wings, ready to give me a hug when I fall down and metaphorically scrape my knee on life. What am I trying to say? Dust off my weak attempt to be funny and chip away my not-as- clever-as-I-think-I-am use of sarcasm and my unnecessarily verbose ramblings boil down to just four words. I love you, mom :D


  1. This card is fab and i love the sentiment right now i would be the wild young women and i aim one to be a an old wild women on day :) hahahahaha xxxx

  2. Oh now I don't know which one I love best! I wish I lived in Albuquerque just so I could take your classes =)

    I too am a crafty slacker although I've been working really hard at finishing before deadlines & not procrastinating. But it only lasts about 2 weeks before I fall off the horse again lol

  3. J'aime beaucoup cette carte ;-D

  4. Yes, Cheryl, I remember the old saying about the cobbler's children having no shoes! Just as long as a card is on the way, I guess I can overlook the fact that it's somewhat late! Love ya anyway! This one is a beauty, and love those boots!
    Hugs, Mom

  5. I'm definitely a craft slacker tho I've been quite good lately. You can tell we've been having terrible weather lately which is why I've made more cards. Love your card and another cool sentiment. Great design

  6. ADORABLE! This is just stunning. Very nice. Thanks for sharing. Happy Monday in May!

  7. I always love your little snippets you add - so fun to read through! I fit very well into that second category - I've yet to begin my Bombshell ATCs! Eek!


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