Thursday, June 24, 2010

Bombshell Makeover

Hello, all! Are you ready for the weekend? I'm teaching a card class Saturday afternoon and I have roughly 13 people signed up. That's a pretty good-size class for me! I'll be working on kits today and most of the night, so this will probably be the last post from me this week. Unless I get a wild hair and those have a tendency to sprout unexpectedly! You just never know ;D

Today's card features a little lady that might look all too familiar to you. She has recently moved into more appropriate digs, but she used to live here. LOL!! Yes, remember her?! I have had that card sitting on my desk since I originally posted it earlier in the month and her staring at me day after day. Not just beckoning, but pleading to be saved from a life littered with the gaudiness of bright white bows, and red and aqua paper that I have used so much I think I will go certifiably insane if I lay eyes on it again. Has that ever happened to you? You start off loving something to the point of obsession, but when you've crossed that line and had's over! Once, when I was a wee tot of 5-years old, I remember having Dunkin' Donuts at my cousins house after dinner. I am pretty sure I ate one donut and then a second. Yum, they tasted so good! After we went home, mom put me in my pj's and I fell asleep in her bed. She was up doing mom things while I dozed. Not long afterward, I woke up and didn't feel so hot. I had an upset stomach, but because I was groggy from being asleep, I just rolled over and proceeded, I'll just say it...I barfed on her side of the bed. Then I rolled back over (so I didn't have to look at it, because denial starts at an early age) and went back to sleep. Mom came in later to find the surprise I left for her and me balled up like a pint-sized bloated hobo after a bender ( I like that word)! Needless to say, I didn't want a Dunkin' Donut for a VERRRY LOOOONNNG time. Anyway, this aqua and red paper is my new Dunkin' Donut. If I see it again, I might just have to jump in my truck, drive down to Las Cruces and puke in my mom's bed! Just kidding, mom ;D

This is Butterfly Queen and she is by Bombshell Stamps. This time I paired her with much more subdued papers. I salvaged some of the flower embellies from the other card and use them here, as well. I added this word stamp by Stamper's Anonymous, which I love. It says, "There was a world and I was Queen. A world where I created all things seen." A little crown on top to cinch that sentiment and she's good to go.

Have a great weekend and stay away from Dunkin' Donuts! ;D


  1. What a fun post, Cheryl! I was so "en-grossed" that I almost forgot to comment on your bombshell! This card so deserved to be shown! Have fun teaching those lucky 13....

  2. Well, Cheryl! What can I say! The card is gorgeous...!
    I really believe what Donna was trying to say was, she was grossed-out instead of engrossed! She was just being kind! hee hee
    Hugs, Mom

  3. hi sheryl

    wow,wow,wow, great sexy lady
    love the roses in the corner

    greetings karin

  4. When I was newly preggo w/ the twins I ate these awful sausage, egg, cheese biscuit things non-stop. I'd pop one in the microwave, impatiently watch it cook, snatch it out when I heard the beep, and eat it standing up. It's been more than 3 years since I've had one and I can't even look at the box in the grocery store without getting queasy...

    As usual, your card is fabulous. You inspire me to make nicer stuff!

  5. This is gorgeous. Wow so luxurious looking and glamourous. So funny about your donut episode, oh dear :)

  6. Fabulousness! I love all the bling!
    Had I been your mother, I probably would have made you clean up your yuckiness.


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