Friday, November 19, 2010

Oh, no you didn't...!!!

...and so it begins. The war of the camera. You see, my husband has just started his own blog about barbecuing, general, just cooking damn good food. He is a mighty fine cook, has an adventurous palette, and loves to rummage around in the spice cabinet for new combos, certain to bring any meal alive with sizzle and zing. That's not my beef (I made a funny...hahaha!), he can cook for me breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and I would be perfectly fine with that...who wouldn't? My problem is...the camera.

I take pictures of cards. I take them in a controlled environment and I usually don't have to worry about getting a great first shot, because there is some hungry person breathing down my neck in the background waiting to physically devour my creation. By the way, that hungry person is usually me. In other words, when photographing food, there is no opportunity to go back in for more photos if the first group doesn't turn out, because that tasty culinary delight will soon enough be gone! Poof! Nada! Zip! CHOMP!

In light of that challenge, Kirk has been doing a little Internet recon, and a bunch of trial and error picture taking to improve his food photos. AND...he's doing a great job! BUT, in the process, settings get changed on the camera and totally screw up MY PHOTOS! For instance, my colors have been coming out wonky (it's a word, look it up. Actually, nevermind, I'm pretty sure it's not.), especially the reds. I have, seriously, taken approximately 300 hundred photos of the same card tonight and each time the reds look odd. A bit off. Finally, I notice on the camera that the Red Eye Correction setting has been turned on. It literally takes 10 steps to get to the Red Eye Correction setting, so he must have gone there intentionally. And why?! I haven't the foggiest, I guess to prevent red eye from showing up on all that food he's cooking, or perhaps he thought it said Rib Eye instead of Red Eye...who knows! Other than potatoes, does food even have eyes?

Anyway, just about the time I figured that little snag out, my battery died on my camera, no doubt from all this use, not only on my end, but Kirk's, too. So now I am waiting around for it to charge so I can take more pictures of the same card and try to figure out what other settings have been changed.


Okay, it's charged enough, let's see what we've got. Well, this is much better. Phew!

Let's move on, shall we? The image I used on my card is a brand new release from Bombshell Stamps and I think she's a beauty! Bombshell has 3 new sets available and the Design Team has some inspiring creations over on the Bombshell Blog that will certainly entice you. Be sure to check them out!

Thanks for your patience today. I appreciate the virtual ear ;D


  1. This is a gorgeous card, as soon as I saw the image I knew I wanted her!
    Your post was hilarious!! Thanks for sharing!!
    :) Kristyn

  2. Hi Cheryl

    LOL, I love the story. Guys can be so frustrating but hey, I could forgive anything if he could cook me a decent steak!!(we never eat steak in this house cause I just murder it).

    Your card is stunning!! Great layout and images.

    Michelle :-)

  3. LOL!!! I love your card Cheryl, it's just beautiful. But your story is hilarious!! I must say, I'm quite jealous - my husband has been banned from the kitchen because he can't cook to save his life!!! Heck...he doesn't even grill - I do!! And the solution? 2 cameras!! :-D

  4. LOL You're too funny! Gorgeous card...your shading on that star is a.m.a.z.i.n.g!!

  5. This image is beautiful, and you designed a great card to showcase her! Love it!
    Isn't that Kirk a sweetie...and he cooks too! Does he do windows?
    Hugs, Mom

  6. this is beautiful sheryl.
    love all the details and paper.

    greetings karin

  7. This is a great card xx
    I have popped over to your new blog 'bombshell', the images look really good, my Grandpa would have loved these xx

  8. this is FIERCE other words!!!



  9. Fabulous card Cheryl!! Sounds like Kirk needs a camera for the holidays this year! LOL! the way, love his new blog and started following!! Hugs!!

  10. Rib Eye ... LMBO!! Yea, I could *totally* see the sharing thing being a problem! Your card is fabulous!!


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