Friday, November 5, 2010

Where does the time go?

Hello! I am making cards for a local boutique here in Albuquerque, Objects of Desire. I've pretty much had cards there all year round, but it seems that the cards for specific holidays sell better than all-occasion cards. I guess folks are more apt to purchase cards for Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine's Day, opposed to cards with sentiments such as Thinking of You, Missing You, Hope You are Well, etc. Has the all-occasion card lost it's luster? What do you think?

Come to think of it, I rarely make an all-occasion card for my personal use. I, however, am a poor example to use, because I can't even seem to make birthday cards for people anymore. Dad had a birthday at the end of October, did he get a card from me? Nope. Did my father-in-law receive a Father's Day card this year? Nope. Did I manage to make and send Halloween cards to friends and family? Nope. Just sit that Worst Daughter/Daughter-In-Law/Friend Award right here in front of me, 'cuz I've earned it! It's not because I don't make cards. I make cards all the time. Almost daily. I'm just not making time to create the special cards for the folks that are important to me. I'm feeling rotten just talking about it. Instead my time is filled with creating class samples, putting class kits together, making DT cards, creating custom order cards, and making cards for Objects of Desire. Don't get me wrong, I am doing exactly what I have always wanted to do with this hobby and having a wonderful time, but I am missing more and more birthdays, holidays, etc. How about you? How do you balance it all? Do you ever miss important card making dates? Tell me I'm not the only one ;D

I digress, back to my card. This is the first of 3 Fall themed cards I am making for Objects of Desire. I am really liking the layering of images right now. I start by sponging Distress Ink on a die cut panel while it is still in the die in order to preserve a nice white border. Then I stamp a large background image on top of that, also while the panel is still in the die. Then I follow with a solid black silhouette image. My images du jour right now are from the Penny Black Brush Strokes line that were popular a few years ago. I bought tons of these when they first came out and I am just now getting them inky. They are really elegant and perfect for these cards. Hopefully I'll be back tomorrow with Fall themed card #2, but we know how that goes ;D

Also, before I go, I wanted to share the bonus rosette we will be making in my Christmas Card class at CP2 on November 13th. Simple but pretty. That's it for now, catch you later ;D


  1. Oh I know where you're coming from Cheryl. I'm really bad with birthday cards, especially. I can never seem to come up with a great card for birthdays. My cards seem to happen by accident, if I have to make a card for a particular occasion you can bet it won't come out right. Love your card, the colours are so good together

  2. I'm so with you too! I make the all-occasion cards, but never use them. I mainly make holiday and birthday cards now b/c that's what will be used. I haven't even sent (or made {blush}) my son's thank you cards for his birthday that was on 27 Sept. lol Oh well! I'll get to them eventually and have already learned from my mistakes and am trying to make the Xmas TY's early!
    Beautiful card! I just love those botanical silhouettes!

  3. The Fall card is so warm and mellow! Gorgeous!!
    Wow! The rosette is stunning, the paper you used just makes this beauty!! Love, Love, Love It!

  4. beautiful stamp and card.
    great design

    greetings karin

  5. "Worst Daughter/Daughter-In-Law/Friend Award "

    Nope. That would be me.

    Or we can share that title.

    I actually made and sent Thank You cards recently and was so darned proud of myself!

    I make all occasion and blank cards and then just add sentiments when I need 'em.

    Fabulous card. I love everything you do. You rock. Even if you don't actually send cards when you should. ;)

  6. Oh how pretty, I love what you did with the cage.


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