Tuesday, June 7, 2011

I've started a new blog!

Psst!  Hey, you!  Yes, you!  Come on in.  I have something to tell you ;D  I've started a new blog.  It's completely different from this one and rather than talking about and sharing projects focused on papercrafting, it will embody topics near and dear to my stomach that revolve around my other passion...food.

Kirk and I come from a long line of Foodies who reside on both sides of our family tree.  As you know, Kirk has a barbecue blog and my sister has a cooking blog (see my sidebar for links).  Well, I decided that I wanted to jump on that band wagon and join the fun.  Plus, I'm trying to shake off a bad rap I ended up with a looooong time ago, where some folks in the family assumed I hated to cook or that I lacked the skills to cook well.  You know who you are...(shaking my finger accusingly at you)!

Who knows, it's been so long, maybe I did hate to cook and/or maybe I was really awful at it.  I just don't remember anymore.  The point is, those days are long gone and I can wield a spatula with the best of them now.  I love to cook!  I LOVE to entertain!  I have the television tuned to the Food Network all day long and now that the satellite company has added The Cooking Channel to the line up, our DVR is filled with cooking shows.  I'm addicted to food magazines, cookbooks, William Sonoma catalogues, food porn websites showcasing beautifully crafted culinary masterpieces...the list goes on!  The Pioneer Woman is my hero and I worship at the altar of Martha Stewart!  I am a cuh-razy foodanista and I'm proud of it ;D  

Wow!  I'm getting a little excited here, I best take a deep breath and calm down...lol!

My new blog is called Risotto Stone and I'll be sharing recipes, restaurant reviews, opinions on products and kitchen utensils, and pretty much anything else that might even be remotely related to food.  Please pop over to my new blog and I promise you'll find lots of pics, a recipe or two, and the occasional funny anecdote.  Check out my first post, which explains the origination of Risotto Stone as the blog name, and my second post which is an incredibly easy recipe for a chocolatey, peanut buttery dessert called Gold Bars.  I hope to see you there ;D      


  1. Yum! I'll be there! I wanted to start a second blog about my weight loss journey. I actually took photos of my sweaty t-shirts and protein shakes! Looking forward to your food journeys!

  2. PS when you come over to my house we can cook together. Love to cook. Bring your fav recipes.

  3. Sounds like a good idea to me! For some reason I can't sign in to my google account...again! won't let me leave a comment! Boy this gets tiring!
    Hugs, Mom


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