Friday, August 5, 2011

Cards for Sale

Hola!  Just a quick post to let you know that I have added a new tab to my blog.  I have been carding up a storm lately, so I've decided to list some of my cards for sale here.  My craft space is tiny so any real estate that I can gain back is a huge plus.

I have this fear that one day I'll be featured on a special episode of Crafting Hoarders.  Oh sure, it's not a real show...yet, but just you wait.  Sometime, in the near future, you'll take a much needed break from your current artsy project and sink into your favorite comfy spot on the couch.  You'll flip the TV to your favorite station...DIY (of course) and your heart will break, when you see a sad disheveled woman with ink stains on her clothing and embossing powder stuck in her hair, escorting the program host around her home.  She'll guide him through towering mountains of paper pads wobbling to and fro, gargantuan piles of distress inks ready to tumble at the slightest exhale of breath, and Copic markers balanced precariously in lucite holders stacked to the ceiling.

You'll gasp in shock, when she lets out a tiny cough and a bit of fairy dust escapes from her lips in a sparkly puff, indicating she is stricken with an acute case of Glitter Lung.  The 12 cats swarming about her feet cough intermittently to reveal that they too, suffer from the dreaded Glitter Lung.  As she maneuvers around perilous piles of stamps...wood, cling, and clear, an almost imperceptible snap near the bottom indicates that Trouble (with a capital T) is lurking nearby.  Soon an avalanche of crafting tools and supplies rains down upon her and in the blink of an eye, she is swallowed by a torrent of all that she holds dear.

Once the embossing powder and glitter settles, all that remains are two scrawny ankles jutting akimbo from under the debris, and on her feet, a pair of ruby red slippers.  Wait, I'm mixing my story lines.  Scratch the ruby red slippers.  How about a pair of orange garden Crocs?  Yes, that's it...and on her feet, a pair of orange garden crocs.  

As the authorities remove the craft crusted carnage, you see her face for the first time and you are's that chica from The Inktrap!  "What a pity", you say to yourself.  "Wonder what they're going to do with all her stuff?"    

Sure, I'm being dramatic, but hey, I like to embellish EVERYTHING including my stories.   So, before my craft room swallows me whole, I'm going to clear out some space by selling a few cards.  See something you like?  Email me here ;D            


  1. Ginkies girl! Are you sure your not talking about my craft room! Love your story - sounds very familiar :$

  2. Ah yes... "What are they gonna do with her stuff?" is so the right response from another crafter! :D

  3. HILARIOUS! Yep, that's the first thing us crazy crafters would say, "What are they gonna do with all her stuff"!

  4. My gosh! You are such a talented writer as well as crafter. Wonderful written story. :) You must have been to my craft room. LoL
    All the best
    Love n hugs

  5. I adore your story. Can I have your stuff if you die?

  6. Your stories are almost as wonderful as your cards.

    I hope you sell a metric tonne of them.

    P.S. I'm your craft-hoarding twin.


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