Sunday, March 11, 2012

A Card for My Mom

Hola!  Whatcha up to this weekend?  Mom's in town for the rubber stamp convention so we are on a mad tear to see, eat, and buy everything that gets in our way while she's here.  Seriously, we began the day bright and early enjoying breakfast with friends, then headed to the mall for a brief encounter with Dillards.  Going down the list, not wanting to miss anything, we popped into The Hen House (a fabulous local scrapbook store), then into China Phoenix 2 (the best little rubber stamp store in the Southwest).  After, being good consumers and leaving a few shekels behind in these fine establishments, we headed to Cost Plus so my sister could buy some towels.  She doesn't make cards so we had to give her at least one stop where should could also assist in boosting the local economy.  

Along the way, we visited with friends, laughed our butts off, shared a story or two, and caused general mayhem everywhere we went.  We rounded out the day's events by settling in for tea at one of my favorite places in ALL the world...St. James Tea Room.  I could live there!  Tomorrow is proving to be a busy day, as well.  Mom's a popular lady and when she comes up, her dance card stays full the entire visit.  We haven't even been to the convention, yet...LOL!

Before mom drove up from Las Cruces on Friday, I decided I would make her a card using a very cool Tiddly Inks image called Hot Mamayou can find her in the basement.  Lots of cool bargains to be had, so grab that flashlight and venture down there.  You might just be surprised at all the cool stuff you'll find!

Okay, we have a big day tomorrow and there's that little ol' time change thing that is going to rob us of one hour of sleep, so I better scoot!  I'll be wrestling with the sand man to catch a few ZZZs before it's time to get up and start all over again.  I'm thinking a 4 hour nap tomorrow afternoon will right some of the injustices this time change will bring ;D                                   


  1. Awwww, great card.. lovely colouring.. im sure she will love it..
    Hugs! Brittany, xoxo

  2. OH Cheryl this is gorgeous! Love the colors and that heart charm is beautiful!

  3. ooooo this is a great card for your mom cheryl.
    very beautiful.

    greetings karin

  4. Cheryl this is just so gorgeous. Your colouring is perfect! Your mum will love it :)

  5. Hi Cheryl

    Sounds like you are having a ball with your Mum while she is in town!

    This is a fab card you have created for you Mum.As always your vivid colouring is so inspirational. I'm loving the gorgeous little heart too!

    Michelle :o)

  6. Cheryl this is so adorable of a card! I'm sure your mother will love it! Have fun shopping again!
    By the way, can you please email me and tell me the measurements of your layers on this card? Thanks!!


  7. Just got home and and looking at this post! This card is gorgeous and I love it...thanks baby girl!We had so much fun and on the go the whole to rest up some!
    Love Ya! Mom

  8. Ohhh, this is just spectacular, Cheryl!! WOW!


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