Thursday, April 5, 2012

Karate Boy

Hey, everybody!  My blogposts are becoming few and far between it seems.  We've been busy readying our house to list it for sale and finally did that about a week ago.  This week, we've been doing some last minute touch ups on paint and trim.  Tomorrow, I'm going to spend the afternoon polishing the wrought iron door and window accents with liquid car wax, a tip I found out about from my super smart friend, Google.  Turns out I should have been doing this once every six-months.  Why didn't you tell me sooner, Google?  Maybe you're not so smart after all.  Oh, I didn't ask?  Sure, turn it around on me now.

Saturday, we're having a garage sale.  Of course, we don't know how to have a plain old garage sale like regular folk.  Instead, ours will be more like a party.  We've already invited our friends and plan on having plenty of donuts on hand to entice the masses.  We'll pass on having coffee, because knowing me, in my heightened garage sale state, I will no doubt sell the coffee maker if someone makes me an!  That would make Kirk very sad (and grumpy).  Last time we had a garage sale, we started at 8:00am and sold everything by 9:15am and there was no short supply of stuff.  Hope this one goes over just as well.  Oh, and let me just add that I will have some craft stuff for sale (stamps, embellishments, etc.) so if you're in the Albuquerque area, stop by 3840 Sunbird Dr NW and pay us a little visit.  Bring cash...hahaha!

Okay, enough house stuff...I did actually steal away a few hours yesterday to make this card for my sister's boss.  She had originally requested a Ninja themed Easter card.  Yeah, I know, a little difficult to round up images for that, so I opted for this wonderful digi image called Karate Boy from Mo's Digital Pencil.  While I was perusing Mo's site, I ended up plopping 6 other images in my cart by accident (yeah, right...accident my tuches)!  I couldn't resist.  Hopefully I will find some time to play with them in the next few weeks.  Oh, and do you want to know what I received in return for this card?  3 dozen fresh chicken and duck eggs!  Yep, that's a pretty fine trade, if you ask me ;D  Love this bartering stuff.  We should totally go back to that way of life.

Okay, that's it for me.  Catch ya later!  Stay crafty!


  1. what a great and fabulous card for a boy cheryl.
    i like it.

    greetings karin

  2. Cheryl if I were closer I would sure visit for a donut :) my faves lol. Hope the sale goes well. Your card is absolutely stunning! Joey x

  3. Wow! This is just too cute and I think Alana will be very pleased with this! Fresh eggs, huh! I think you made a great deal!!
    Hugs, Mom

  4. Love the card, Cheryl. Especially a boy image. Thanks for the link. Good luck on the garage sale.

  5. I love your karate card - the design, colors and papers are perfect! Perfect boy/male card!

  6. Hi Cheryl, love your colouring and your choice in papers. I'm always in love with " dark" papers too, but am afraid to use them. Your cards show that "dark" colours can be happy and bright too. Thank you!!

  7. Wow fabulous card as always Cheryl, fantastic colouring, love it... and good luck for the sale. Hugs xx

  8. Given that your brief was "ninja themed Easter card" (?!?!) I think you did an amazing job! Love the monotone design ~x~

  9. Oh, that is a good tip your good friend, Google, gave you!! :) Hope the house sells quickly! :)
    Love the most recent cute cards!!! Adorable. :)


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