Saturday, April 7, 2012

Challenge #123 at Kraftin' Kimmie Stamps: Tags!

Hello!  How are things at your end of the keyboard?  Things are pretty swell over here in the Land of Enchantment.  Yesterday, a realtor brought a couple by to see our house.  I was pretty excited so needless-to-say the OCD kicked in and I spent most of yesterday polishing and spit-shining an already clean house.  Seems redundant, but there's something therapeutic about housecleaning.  Maybe it strengthens my spiritual connection to my domestic guru, Martha Stewart.  Okay, maybe not, but you have to admit, it feels pretty darn good to look around after you're finished and see everything sparkling with cleanliness.  That is, until you spy your really pretty coffee table that you painstakingly rubbed and buffed to a high gloss, and see tiny paw prints scattered across it.  Did wild raccoons break into my house while I was getting high on Windex?  Nope, not enough toes.  This could only be the work of one critter...the infamous Super Titus Devil Kitty.

Speaking of which, Super Titus Devil Kitty (from here on out, to be referred to only as Titus, for legal purposes) went on a field trip to my sister's house while the potential buyers looked around our house.  It's a 5-minute drive to get there, but thanks to Titus' non-stop crying, it was the longest 5-minutes of my life. As soon as his furry behind hit the cat carrier, the crying started.  AND...not just soft meows, I'm talking full on yowling sobs.  You'd of thought I was trying to steal his kidney!  2 1/2 minutes into this trip, I passed the neighborhood Sonic and seriously considered dropping him off for a wee bit.  Maybe set him up with an order of Popcorn Chicken and a Vanilla Dr. Pepper, and swing back by in a hour to retrieve him.  Would I need some sort of a claim ticket for that?  Oh well, I digress.  Besides, I figured once I got to Trissi's and let him out of the carrier, he would play with her cats and want to have a look around.  Everything would be better.  WRONG!

We get there, I take him inside and I spring him from his portable jail cell.  He proceeds to exit the carrier and look around the house, but continues to cry at the top of his lungs for the next 30-minutes.  At one point the crying stopped and I went to check on him only to find him hiding under my sister's claw foot tub in her bathroom.  He is a rather tubby fellow and much to my chagrin, he was firmly wedged in there.  I actually had a difficult time pulling him out.  Taking a sledge hammer to my sister's claw foot tub was not on my "to do" list today.  Sorry.  He eventually settled under a credenza in the office and would only stop crying if I pulled out a chair and sat where he could see me.  If I left the chair or god-forbid the office, the crying would start allover again.  Sigh.  Held hostage by an 18lb cat.  What a day.  You'll be happy to know that Titus is back home terrorizing my 2 older kitties and creating general mayhem in a more familiar environment.

Enough Titus talk...there's a new challenge at Kraftin' Kimmie Stamps this week and the lovely hostess this go round is none other than Sandie!  Sandie is asking everyone to incorporate a tag into their design.  That can mean creating a tag or using a tag.  Whatever floats your boat.  I used some really pretty DP by October Afternoon and one of the sheets contained lots of lovely images perfect for trimming out.  Low and behold, there was even a tag ;D  My image du jour is also one of 6 gorgeous images being featured as a Frugal Friday special.  Her name is Annette and she is sassy.  I made her a fiery red-head using a color combo I found on this lovely artist's page, Crafty Mummy.

Head to the shop and check out the other Frugal Friday specials.  You'll find Annette in that group, as well.  Also, don't forget to stop by the KKS Challenge Blog and see what the Krafty Girls cooked up for this week's theme.

I best skedaddle.  The clock's a ticking and we're having a garage sale this morning.  Wish me luck!           


  1. Poor little kitty! Hopefully you sell soon so he doesn't have to suffer too much. It is funny you call him Devil Kitty cause my "youngest" is also called "Lucyfur" with a nod to the devil kitty too but she has yet to run sideways across a wall! Love the little tags and the red hair, gonna go check out that site. Good luck with your garage sale too!

  2. Your story made my morning! Love,love,love this card too.

  3. hahaha funniest cat story EVER!!!! I love your beautiful card! her hair is just gorgeous!

  4. great looking card cheryl with beautiful colors and image.

    greetings karin

  5. Awww! Poor Titus! I hope he is back to doing what he does best, being a rascal!
    Your Kimmie girl card is gorgeous, love the red hair!!
    Hugs, Mom

  6. Beautiful card and totally amazing colouring. Gorgeous! ~x~

  7. Wonderful design... great coloring, and I love all your added embellishments!

  8. Your Titus story made me giggle.

    The card is gorgeous!!! But then again, they always are.


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