Thursday, June 20, 2013

Tales from the Garden

Hey, all!  Hope this post finds everyone doing well and soaking up the sunshine at your end of the keyboard.  We're on sunshine overload here in the Land of Enchantment and could use a little rain.  Or a LOTTA rain.  Let me know if you have some extra wet stuff laying around; maybe we can negotiate  a trade.

With the official start of Summer just a day away, my mind starts to drift and fill with thoughts of all the good things that arrive with that sunny season...the kiss of warmth on my skin as I spend more time outside, the heady fragrance of BBQ emanating from my husband's smoker, the romantic lure of dining alfresco (doesn't a meal always taste better when enjoyed outside?), the wonder of witnessing a fiery sunset, and the glory of beholding the bold blooms found on nature's floral gifts. 

 I don't really possess a green thumb.  If I had to assign it a color, it would be more of a brown thumb.  For those of you who speak Copic, it would be along the lines of an E37 (Sepia).  Not quite a 100 (black), as I DO manage to keep the poor things going even though they no doubt pray for death on a daily basis.  I am barely keeping the 3 medium sized planters in front of my house alive even though they are filled with sage and zinnias which I was assured were hard to kill.  Challenge accepted.

Fortunately for me, I have flower stamps and a boatload of Copics, so bold, bright, blooms are only just a few markers away.  The card I'm sharing today features a beautiful stamp by Penny Black.  Believe it or not, I actually made this card a while back and forgot to share it.  I love the collage-y (is that a word?) feel to the image and the fact that I can add color wherever I feel like adding it (or not adding it) and it still looks finished.

SO...even though my real life "garden" is a bit on the lean side, my Copic "garden"is plentiful (and harder to kill).  Plus, my "Sepia" thumb can be any color I want it to be ;)

Until next time, stay crafty!


  1. Love this big bold flower! Beautiful card!!
    Hugs Mom

  2. Well we are having hot and humid weather where I am and being a rain baby, and we don't have any around :(, and I live in an apt so no gardening for me, all I can do is tell you your card is FABULOUSSSSS, you make the BEST layouts ever and I love your sepia thumb it's always all over your cards and I loooove it. OMG all the layers fantastic, ans that flower is freaking gorgeous, thanks for sharing your creativity, its awesome...


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