Wednesday, August 28, 2013


Yikes!  I've been trying to write this blog post ALL night, but I'm glancing at the clock in the corner of my Sweet Baby Macbook (I say this because she is a petite thing at only 15 inches) and I see that it is now 2:30am.  WHAH??!!!  How did this happen?

I've noticed as I get older that my attention span is waning.  When I was younger, my thoughts would drift and wander off.  Instead of focusing on the teacher at the head of the class, or the customer across the counter, I would tune out and start to entertain, in my head, my plans for the weekend...the movie I wanted see...the new shirt I wanted to buy...the book I wanted to read, etc.  All while smiling and nodding approval at the person in front of me.  Who knows what I was mindlessly agreeing to.

Now that I'm older, I still do this, but instead, I have taken "tuning out" one step further.  Now I just nod off.  Yep... I.  Fall. Asleep.  I don't usually fall asleep in the middle of a conversation (not yet, anyway), but if I sit down on the couch to watch a movie or get some stuff done on my Sweet Baby Mac, Mr. Sandman will stop by and sprinkle some of his Sweet Elixir of Snooze on me and I'm out.  It's not a pretty sight, either.  My head lolls to one side, my eyes do that weird half open/half closed thing, and sometimes I start to drool.  I know this because my sweet husband has been kind enough to occasionally take a pic of this process.  

I don't know about you, but I find the advent of the camera phone to be a blessing and a curse.  And, come on...12 megapixels?!! NOBODY needs to see me in this state in 12 MEGAPIXELS!!!  The other day, I saw a commercial advertising a camera phone with 41 megapixels.  That is ridiculous!  Pics are eventually going to become so sharp that we will need to cross our eyes to focus on them.  Oh, how I long for the Polaroid days when everyone was so blurry we always looked pretty good in a photos.  Instead, we now have the technology to capture an action shot of a drop of drool running down my chin with my mouth agape in mid-snore. Oh, joy.  

Long story short...I fell asleep typing this post.  I have essentially had a 4 hour nap and will undoubtedly have a hard time falling asleep when I finally crawl into bed.  More perks of getting older.  Tomorrow, I will be grumpy, so I'm apologizing in advance to anyone I may happen to encounter.  Just like the 4 year old who launches into a full blown, throw yourself down on the ground, arms flailing about temper tantrum.  I'm seeing one these in my near future, so approach with caution.  

By the way...I have a card to share.  

We've had such wonderful response at Kraftin' Kimmie Stamps to our first Krafty Kardmaking Kit, that we thought we would do a little follow up HOP about it. 

As you hop around today you'll be able check out SIX fabulously spooky creations from our Krafty Girls that were ALL made using only ONE KIT!! We used our own ink, colouring medium and white paper, but everything else can be found in these fabulous KITS! 

We’ve taken our krafty know-how and done all the designing for ya!! We’ve chosen and coordinated patterned papers, cardstocks, envelopes, twine and several different types of embellishments and you’re ready to go!! With the August kit, you’ll also receive YOUR CHOICE of one of our gorgeous $8 stamps!! Choose whichever one you like from our many lines and styles of rubber stamps!  I used Witchypoo, whom I adore, unfortunately she is not an $8 stamp, but I assure you, there are tons from which to choose.   

OH and one last thing...  Wanna WIN the September 2013 Krafty Kardmaking Kit??!! Visit the Kraftin' Kimmie blog and find out how!

So go ahead and check out the samples from the Krafty Girls listed below and keep in mind, they were all made using only the contents of ONE kit...and of course, our choice of a Kraftin' Kimmie Stamp! Then head on over to the Kraftin' Kimmie Shop and grab one for yourself!! 

Happy kraftin'!


  1. Wow, Cheryl!!! That's a GREAT card! I love it!!!

  2. Wow... Love your card, this fun papers and this sexy little witch!!!

  3. Oh Cheryl I can so picture this cause you have described me to a tee! I am on vacation this week which means naptime everyday! Best part of being off! Love your card btw, never would have thought to do her in blue and white but it looks fabulous!

  4. A favorite Annie image for Halloween! Love the color combination you chose!
    Hugs, Mom

  5. LOVE your card!! She is one of my FAVES!!!!!

  6. This is fabulous! What coloring skills you have! Thank you for your inspiration!
    Anna xxx

  7. love everything about your card!! awesome colouring and mix of elements :) so inspiring !!

  8. LOVE LOVE LOVE this card Cheryl! Did you noticed that I asked Kim for Witchypoo because of you and this amazing card?!?!? I LOVE the way you coloured her with the white hat and teal..maybe she's a good witch? ;) xo....I can imagine you on a plane, with the head bobbing and slack mouth, drool dripping off your chin ;)


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