Friday, August 20, 2010

Kenny K - Troublemaker

Hi everyone! Today I have another card featuring a Kenny K image. I just can't help myself. This is the second card I have made using Troublemaker. She's a sweetie and a complete departure from the last two cards I have made using his images...hehe!

I completely jacked up her sneaks. Don't look too closely, but if you do, you'll see that the shading is wonky and I even dragged some red into the grey. So not intentional...! On the other hand, I'd like to point out that I've also been adding glitter glue to lots of paper flowers lately. I completely stole this idea from a group of fabulous ladies that regularly take my classes. They add glitter glue to EVERYTHING and it always turns out sparklicious (oh look, I invented another!) ! Sssshhhhhhhhh...don't tell anyone that I'm an idea plagiarist ;D

On a totally unrelated is mine and my husbands 16th wedding anniversary. We've actually been together for 18 years, but in the eyes of the law it's officially only 16 years. My oh my, where does the time go ;D We're going to take the train to Santa Fe for the day, do a little shopping, a little eating, a little meandering. Sounds like a nice way to spend an afternoon, doesn't it? ;D

I'll be back Sunday with a posting for the new Kenny K challenge. AND I'll be back Monday with my first posting to the La-La Land Blog since the format has been changed. I can't wait ;D Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. This is a fabulous card Cheryl. I love the added glitter, especially the icecream!! You always manage to get your colours to look so vibrant.

  2. Hiiii Cheryl

    Hope all is fine with you! First of all congratulations to your 16th wedding anniversary. I wish your hubby and you a wonderful and relaxing day in Santa Fe and many more years to celebrate! :-)
    Now on to your card. Your creations are soooo wonderful and inspiring. Thank you for giving me so much joy with it!
    Your colouring is T E R R I F I C!

    BIG hugs and take care

  3. Happy wedding anniversary !
    I love the look of this stamp, your card is fabulous !
    Thanks for your comment ! :-)

  4. The added glitter to everything is amazing! I didn't notice anything wrong with the shoes, your coloring is wonderful as always =)
    Happy Anniversary!

  5. Happy Anniversary! Love your card as always. Have a fabulous day in my neck of the woods....Santa Fe! Hugs, Geri

  6. love the feminine with the tomboy...awesome work as always

  7. Love this's my fovorite Kenny K girl!
    Have a great time in Santa Fe, celebrating your beautiful 16 years together.
    Love ya, both!!

  8. Stunning card Cheryl. She is beautifully coloured, love the embellishments and fab colours on this!

  9. Amazing card! Your coloring is so rich! Happy Anniversary!

  10. What fabulous colours you have used on Troublemaker. Your colouring skills are great! Love your work.
    Dona MacLennan

  11. Congrats on the wedding anniversary Cheryl. Just love the colouring of Troublemaker. You are awesome!

  12. Cheryl, I just got me some Kenny K images but I am totally freaked out now about colouring them up, after seeing your stunning creations that you have been making with them! Your cards are totally breathtaking, hun! I love Troublemaker to bit and this card is soooooo incredibly gorgeous. I love red and you have just coloured her red sweater flawlessly....I can't even tell you how much I love this card...WOW!

  13. Belated wishes for a happy anniversary.

    Your card is amazing. She looks like total trouble...reminds me of me as a teen (500 years ago).

  14. Goodness, I love this card!! Her hoody is the most delicious red!! You are one amazing colorist, colorer, what's the word??? How about just artist?! You are an amazing artist!! ;oD

  15. Oh yeah...and happy {belated} anniversary!! Hope you had a wonderful time in Santa Fe!


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