Tuesday, August 10, 2010

"Mom"day Tuesday...seriously sweet

Do not adjust your dials! You read that correctly. This week only, I am switching "Mom"day Monday to "Mom"day Tuesday. I simply experienced a brain malfunction yesterday and forgot to post mom's cards. I guess it's time to up the Ginko Biloba dosage...lol!

Today I am sharing with you, 3 seriously sweet cards made by my qwawwwwww <---new word invented by Titus walking across my keyboard. He is so dang adorable, even that was so cute I had to keep it in my post ;D Okay, back to mom...3 seriously sweet cards lovingly handcrafted by my super artsy mom.

The first one is so wonderful, and not just because I am the center of it's focus, but because it was a total surprise. I was nosing around in mom's Flickr Gallery and there it was. My happy baby mug from so many years ago, like a tiny scrapbook page...artfully designed and carefully laid out, with a teeny message from the heart. I will cherish all of my mom's cards forever, but this one is certainly special.

The next one is my birthday card. Lots of details on this. Beautiful layers of white that showcase two exquisite glittery butterflies.

The last one features a new coloring technique that mom is obviously really good at. I believe she did this card with pencils, but the colors are vibrant and soft, all at the same time. I marvel at the gorgeous white highlights she has left on her image. To me it is reminiscent of hand-painted porcelain from a time when "handcrafted" meant that it was a treasured heirloom to be passed from generation to generation.

How lucky am I to receive these lovely little "heirlooms" from mom on a regular basis ;D

Come back tomorrow for the Weekly Wednesday Challenge at La-La Land Crafts. There are changes to the LLLC blog on the horizon. Watch for details :D


  1. Cheryl, what an adorable baby picture! Soooooo precious. Thanks for sharing your gorgeous art work and your mom's as well! Geri

  2. So long ago...but like yesterday! These were my favorite baby pictures of you! Time flies so quickly!
    Love Ya!

  3. What a precious baby you were, awww. Love the cards your mom makes. Especially love the baby card with that pretty scalloped edging with the pearls

  4. Aww Cheryl, what a sweetie pie! Love your Mom's cards, they are superb. The vintage one is magnificently coloured. WOW!!! 100% for you Mom, hugs Sharon

  5. All these card are fabulous ! You're so sweet on this photo !
    Hugs to you and your Mom

  6. What a lovely little girl you are on this picture.
    And what a lovely card your mother made of it.
    Wonderful, and I like the other cards to, the white one is so beautiful.
    Marilyn I will write you a mail soon.

  7. I remember when Marilyn shared that photo of that "quawwwww" little girl in the HA Flickr group! You were such a cutie--and still are!

    I think Mom Tuesday needs to start up her own blog! Her work is just awesome. Like mother, like daughter!


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