Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Here kitty, kitty!

Hola!  Welcome back!  I'm going to make this a short post, because my goal was to be in bed by midnight, which means I only have 8 mins to type, edit, import pics, and post.  Yeah right, Cheryl!  Good luck with that!  Tick tock, tick tock...

This card features my favorite feline duo from Stamps by Judith.  They are soooo sweet and the tabby on the right reminds me of my Super Titus Devil Kitty.  He's the latest addition to my furry family.  You may recall that I posted pics of him last July right after I brought him home.  He was the sweetest angel faced baby kitty...I just wanted to coo at him all day.

Well, 7 months later...things have changed.  He still has a sweet face, but he is the devil.  Every morning, he starts the day with a brisk cardio workout that includes terrorizing the 2 senior kitties (Max and Charlie), tossing a grossly mutilated fuzzy matted ball that used to resemble a mouse into the air repeatedly, and about an hour of parkour.  Parkour is basically daredevil running at high speeds with no hesitation or heed to terrain, obstacles, danger, etc.  You leap off buildings, jump over boulders, swing around light poles by your arms, whatever crazy stunt it takes to conquer the obstacle in your way.  Titus holds high honors in this activity.  He gallops through our tiny townhouse like a horse, knocking over dining room chairs as he barrels through the dining room and catapults (pun intended) off of them.  I have literally seen him run sideways across the back of the couch.  This guy refuses to be held hostage by such nonsense as gravity.  I swear I have witnessed him grab Max, get him in a headlock, and drag him across the floor Rambo-style.

The other day I overhead Max and Charlie plotting his demise.  Something about tainted tuna, a cat-sized suitcase, and a one way ticket to the Bermuda Triangle via Aeromexico.  The surprise was not necessarily hearing two cats having a conversation, or even the detail in which their plan would be carried out, but instead the  cruel means by which they intended on getting him out of the country, because, really, Aeromexico is just no way to travel.  The flights are fraught with turbulence, the inflight meal is barely edible, leg room is skimpy at best, and they'll lose your luggage every time.  Tsk, tsk, Max and Charlie...too cruel!  Besides I don't think Titus has a passport, nor does Aeromexico even fly to the Bermuda Triangle.  Do your homework, kids.

Even though Titus starts his day in a catastrophic whirlwind of activity, terrorizing every man and beast who dare to get in his way,  he invariably needs the comfy, cozy, calm of my lap for a snuggle in the afternoon.  As I'm working away at my art desk, a tiny paw will tap my hip and a small kitten-like mew will request permission to climb aboard.  As he settles into my lap, he rewards me with the constant hum of his motor, expressing appreciation for a chin scratch and a head rub.  These are the moments I live for.

"So much for a short post", she said an hour and twenty minutes later ;D


  1. what a lovely card sheryl.
    great and funny image and great papers too.

    greetings karin

  2. Oh Cheryl,love this !!
    It's so adorable.
    Hugs Heidy

  3. This is gorgeous Cheryl i love the image. luv gina xx

  4. Hi Cheryl

    LOL, tell me you moonlight as a column journalist and I will believe you!! I love your style.

    The visual I have had me LMBO.

    Your card is fantastic, great image and awesome papers. I still want to come over and play at your house!!

    Thanks for your kind messages too. I'm so happy to be home, to have a home more to the point.

    Michelle :-)

  5. What a lovely card with those great cats.

    Enjoyed your story of Titus too.


  6. Loved this Chere. Great story line with the cat. Had me from the start

  7. what a great card ! lovely colors, great coloring,
    greetings, martina

  8. An absolutely gorgeous card, I like everything about it.
    Kevin xx

  9. Love your cute cat cards! I told you Titus was the cat from H@#$%!!! Hee Hee I don't know if those symbols are what one uses for ugly words or not! Wellll I'm sure he's a cutie...and a good thing too! Huh?
    Hugs, Mom

  10. Wow fabulous card Cheryl, love that sweet image. With love and hugs Shirleyxxxxx

  11. Your card is wonderful, but your story about your kittens is even better. Such a joy to read! Love n hugs

  12. Hi , your card is beautiful. The colors are great and very nice papers. Love it!


  13. Great card - your cat sounds crraaazy!x

  14. Hi Cheryl what a lovely card, Ive a dear friend who would love it. And yes your cats sound almost human with there antics. With love and hugs Shirleyxxxx

  15. I was wondering how this was a short post he he and I love your card, those cats are a darling. Love your papers and the contrast they made. Hugs xxx

  16. The card is wonderful. Great work coloring the cats. I adore that text heart and the design.

    Duchess, my familiar, is almost 12 years old and still does the parcour thing on a regular basis. She especially loves to run around rooms via the furniture/appliances without touching the floor.

    All mayhem is forgive when she settles on my lap or nearby and purrs.


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