Saturday, February 12, 2011

New and Improved

Hola!  I'm sharing a new card today, but not really.  Oh, it's all new materials, but that's about it.  The concept is a of my reruns.  You see, my friend wanted a card like the one I gave my husband last year for his birthday.  This is a copy of that card except I had to make a few alterations on the embellishments.  Here's a little peek into a weird personality quirk I possess.  She asked for this card over 9-months ago, but she made the big mistake of adding the words "...just whenever you can get to it".  Hahaha...I guess it takes 9-months to give "birth" to a card "...whenever I can get to it".  If I have a firm deadline, then I'm golden.  I'll meet that deadline every time.  Leave it open for me to decide, and you get a finished project in 9-months.  In that amount of time, I could have grown a tree, harvested it, and made my own paper.  Deadlines are good!  LOL!  

I colored a number of sacred heart images by Bombshell Stamps when I first purchased the set.   The one on this card is probably a couple of years old.  As you can see in this photo, I was not so much into the blending, shading, shadowing thing back then.  Also, I think I owned maybe a dozen Copics at that time.  Because of that, I actually still had money in my pocket.  Almost a couple hundred markers later, I am constantly broke because of this pricey addiction, but my life is full of color and that makes me happy ;D

I did use a pretty cool technique on the vine, though.  I double embossed it using a Versamarker pen and some clear embossing powder.  I love doing this because I can add dimension to a colored image highlighting certain portions of it.  The pen allows me to cover fine details and if I repeat the process, I get a nice thick layer of embossing.  I also do this frequently with Diamond Glaze or dimensional lacquer, but it takes a good hour for the image to dry otherwise you end up with a nice, fat fingerprint smack dab in the middle of your work.  Not pretty.

Ok, I better go.  David Letterman is on and Kirk is bugging me to read his latest blogpost before it goes up.  Ah, such is the life of a blogging couple...couple of what's...I don't know.  Stay creafty, folks!  Pop back in for a new Kenny K. challenge on Sunday and the Paper Shelter will have their first challenge on Wednesday complete with a prize!!                                                                                                                                                                  


  1. love your heart sheryl and your card is very pretty.
    love that beautiful red color.
    have a nice weekend.

    greetings karin

  2. Awesome Cheryl! Even without the perfect shading the heart looks beautiful. Your friend is lucky to have this beautiful card, even if it was 9 months in the making. I just finished my card for the Bombshell challenge, I'm going to sleep on it and get it posted in the morning. :)

  3. Wow this is gorgeous, love the bright bold colours... So I'm not the only one to leave cards til the last minute... ha ha .. and I never learn too!

  4. Oh well Cheryl as long as you get there in the end, it was worth the journey, its a stunning card and Im sure your friend will love it. With love and hugs Shirleyx

  5. Beautiful colors and patterns cheryl !!!!! I looove the different flowers you used for this card!

  6. I loved the first version of this card and love this one too.

    So there.

  7. I like the card you made with a heart. And I like the color you chosen for this card. I like the stamps you use.
    Have a great weekend :}

  8. Its a gorgeous card Cheryl, so colourful!

  9. With age comes perfection...I know that!! Don't even ask how! heehee It's beautiful, all of your creations are so beautifully done!!
    Hugs, Mom

  10. I always loved this heart stamp, and you make such a pretty things with it.


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