Monday, January 4, 2010

Bombshell Sweethearts

Sigh...I'm working on classes for China Phoenix 2 and so far I only have samples for February. I don't know how it worked out that way, but it did. What happened to January? Well, you would think that since I have a card class scheduled for January 23rd I would be working diligently on getting those samples together, but I'm not. Trust me, I am fully aware that folks have a greater tendency to sign up for classes when they know what they will be making...duh! But no...I became so obsessed with working with the bombshell beauties for my February class that January has flown out the window...for now, anyway.

Here's a look at February's class samples, but keep checking back...I may get my rear in gear and finish (heck, who am I kidding...I mean "start") January's samples any moment now ;D


  1. wow these are all beautiful, and sexy too! :)

  2. These are beautiful, Cheryl! These beauties should fill up your Feb. class! What fun!

  3. Hi Cheryl! Forgot to let you know I made the comment above this one!

  4. Oh boy, are they sexy. Please don't show them to my husband. (lol)
    Naturly they are beautiful again

  5. These are wonderful!! I can hear the gals signing up as I type!!

  6. I sit here I just shake my head in amazement!!!! Your cards ALWAYS blow me away and out of the water. Hugs to you!


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