Friday, January 22, 2010

A Leaky Roof and a Bombshell

Good Morning! It continues to be cold and rainy in Albuquerque and to top things off, our bedroom ceiling has sprung a leak. Now, don't go feeling bad for's our own dang fault. We knew we needed a new roof last year just based on the age of our home and the fact that it still has the original roof and skylights in it. However, it's one of those things that unless it's glaring at you in the light of day on a constant basis, you have a tendency to forget about it until you really need to do something. Well, guess what...?! Now, we really need to do something! We had a roofer come out and give us an estimate...YIKES!! It's bad enough for our Barbie-sized (1,100 sq.) townhouse, so I can only imagine what it would cost to replace the roof on a larger home! Now we are just waiting for a sunny day to make an appearance so the work can begin. Until then, there is a very attractive bright orange 5-gallon bucket sitting in our bedroom to catch the drips. The cats are fascinated. So happy that we can provide them the entertainment they so deserve. If I move their food bowls in the bedroom, then they would have it made...practically dinner and a movie...LOL!!

In the meantime, I made a sexy little birthday card for my sister-in-law. I haven't noticed her visiting my blog recently, so maybe I can sneak these pics on here without spoiling her surprise. I get so excited about sharing a new card that I just can't wait...I'm like a 12-yr old that way! LOL!! I used a super fab set by Bombshell Stamps called Girl's Ruin. If you like what you see, visit the link on the left side of my page and check out all the stampy goodness they have to offer. Their images are retro chic and very reminiscent of traditional tattoo art. Trust me, they are one of a kind.

I started with the sizzling main image of the girl in the shoe and colored her with Copic Markers. I added Diamond Glaze to the heel of the shoe for some shine and added a bit of sparkle to her swimsuit and stockings with Spica pens. The papers I used are from the Bittersweet collection by Basic Grey. This is an unusual color palette for me, because I normally don't use much pink, but this sassy shoe just seemed to scream pink, so I had to oblige. Of course, I finished off the card with flowers and gems, but in editing these photos, I noticed one glaring omission. That hand extended across her knee, needs a tiny gemstone to sit on her finger to represent one of the fabulous baubles given to her by her many suitors. Oh, the horror! Alas, it's too late as she is packed up and on her way to Iowa :( Don't fret...I'll add the gemstone next time :D

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  1. Don't forget that you also need to fix the leak in your truck.

  2. Wooo hooo! Smokin' hot, one-of-a-kind card!
    Praying for sun so you can fix your roof...take care!

  3. ok then should I say shame on you???lol it still stinks...good thing your supplies are protected! Love love your smokin hot card as donna put it! Hugs and best of luck!

  4. Oh boy what a sex bom.
    Its again a beautiful card.

    Greetings from holland,

  5. What a sexy sexy it is !!!
    And about your roof, what about making a pool in your room, ;)
    I stop kidding you, good luck for your works !

  6. Wowza. I love this card!

    I love the coloring and the glossy accents on the heel. Sooooo cool.

    Great, great card!


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