Friday, July 30, 2010

August Class Sample for CP2 - Bombshells and Sugar Skulls

Good morning! Welcome back! Today I am sharing card number 2 for my August 14th class at CP2. This one's a little different than yesterday's card, but it's fun and really, that's all that matters.

This little beauty is from the Bombshell Angel set and even though you can't see her face, trust me she's a looker. This is one of my absolute favorite sets. I have used Bombshell Angel on more projects than any other bombshell, such as this one and this one. I usually have several Bombshell Angels stamped, colored, and trimmed out, just waiting to be used in a card creation. She is one of my "go to" images. However, today's bombshell was colored-up fresh, just for you ;D I have made a slight alteration on the Copics I am using for skin-tones. I have switched out E02 for E11 and I am really liking the results. E02 is a tad on the peachy side and E11 seems more neutral.

I have wanted to add a sugar skull to this lovely bombshell for awhile. One of my favorite places to hang out when I have a shopping bug (besides CP2) is the bookstore. I can spend hours perusing the books and magazines. I am very tactile and love to pick up the books, feel their weight in my hand, turn them over to read the blurb on the back jacket, and flip the pages for a peek at what's inside. The absolute best part of buying a book, besides enjoying the story, is sharing it with a friend afterwards. You just can't get that kind of literary pleasure with one of them there newfangled book gizmos.

Anyway, I feel the same way about the magazines, so after I have spent a good deal of time walking the aisles of books, I then turn to the periodicals and show them a little love, too. The bright photos on the front capture my attention and their glossy pages pull me in. I am an equal opportunity magazine peruser. I'll hang out with the craft mags for a bit, then over to the cooking, home decor, art, entertainment, and tattoo sections. The tattoo magazines are treasure troves for inspiration. I marvel at the colors, artistic layouts, and the sheer magnitude of a masterpiece laid out on skin. It is in those pages that I first glimpsed a union of a beautiful sexy pin-up girl with a fabulous Catrina. Pure genius! I'm sure this artist was not the first to combine these two amazing forms, but they were the first to bring it my attention. Two of my favorite things in the whole world, brought together to create one incredible work of art! My brain went ZING and I stored this bit of information away for future inspiration.

There you have the story behind today's card. She doesn't have the impact of that beautiful piece I laid eyes upon so long ago, but I like her and I had fun putting her together. And the fact that I was given the chance to use that little bit of inspiration that I had tucked away, makes me really happy. The inside of the card reads "Quien con la esperanza vive, se muere feliz." This is a sentiment by Mad Rat Rubber Stamps and translates to "He who lives with hope, dies happy." So meet my bombshell...her name is Hope. LOL! I couldn't resist ;D

Have a great weekend!

skin: E11, E00, E000, R02
swimsuit: R59, R46, R43


  1. I love this so! I am always so impressed with your creativity. Thanks for the back story too...I love reading the "why" behind something that was created by hand...

  2. Yet another crazy, amazing card! And I love your story behind Hope! Your background is subtle and beautiful too. You rock!!! Oh! And I am SO with you on everything you said about books and mags!!! Digi books? Heck no!

  3. Great job Cheryl! Love this cutie, and bet your class is going to fill up quickly! Looks like a lot of fun!!

  4. Wow, you always blow me away with your artistry! I really think she has pops right off the card. Just Gorgeous! I totally feel the same way about books and mags. :)

  5. absolutely wonderful card,i love that you used a skull for a head..hugs Anita

  6. This. Freakin'. Rocks!!!

    Great coloring-check
    Fabulous layout-check
    Awesome design-check
    Pairing of images-BRILLIANCE!!!


  7. WOW I love your blog and your cards.......your colouring is BRILLIANT!!! Can't wait to see more of your creations!!

  8. It's gorgeous Cheryl ! Love you "Tim Burton's Style" ! Fabulous card !
    Lots of hugs from Paris

  9. Another winner! Love the stamped background, but the skully pin-up is brilliant!


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