Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Hello, I love you...won't you tell me your name!

Good Morning! No card today, but I would like to introduce you to my new love. Meet Titus. He is a 4-month old gray tabby that I adopted from the Humane Society on Sunday. It was love a first sight! As many of you know, I lost Hunter, my feline confidant of 18 years, in April to a combination of old age and a tumor in his nasal passage. I was truly heartbroken and I still miss him so much. Prior to Titus, I was not in the market for a new kitten and this was more evident than ever when I broke down sobbing at PetSmart brought on by simply flipping through a magazine with photos of Main Coon kittens. I even strolled the area where they bring the adoptable kittens in on the weekends and gave the kittens a look, but did not even feel the smallest inclination to pet them or pick them up. I chalked it up as not being ready yet and thought that maybe I might not ever be ready again. Too much sadness still clung to me and I couldn't shake it.

Well, leave it to my sister to change that. She has a knack for coercing family members into adopting animals and loves to do silly things like stop at the Humane Society just to pet the kitties even though we might not be in the market for a new feline family member. That's what happened Sunday. Trissi and I had just finished lunch at Flying Star in Corrales when she said she wanted to pop into the new Humane Society office that had just opened up 2 doors down. I wasn't really in the mood, but I obliged her. It's a small office with only a few animals, but there are two cat rooms; one for the adult kitties and one for the kittens. One glance through the window of the kitten room and I saw him. I beautiful gray tabby with green eyes. I wanted to hold him...really bad. I could almost tell by looking at him that he was male. Sure enough, once inside, a blue tag around his neck identified him as a boy. I picked him up and he wasn't sure about that, so he attempted to take a flying leap out of my arms. I thought "maybe he doesn't like me", but once he was on more stable ground he rubbed up against my hand and nuzzled me for head rubs. He was very affectionate and obviously loved the attention. At first, I thought, "okay, he's a cutie, let's go", but then something inside told me I wouldn't be able to leave him. I know if I had left him, I would have thought about him over and over again until I came back to pick him up and by that time what if someone else had already adopted him? No, I couldn't let that happen, so after numerous texts back and forth to my husband, I brought him home.

He's adorable. He has long legs and big paws, so I am sure he will be a tall kitty. Kirk and I battled around the name thing and finally settled on Titus. Titus was a Roman soldier on the HBO series Rome. It's sort of a big name for him right now, so we may end up calling him "T' until he grows into it. He's a lover and loves to snuggle ;D I cannot tell you how happy he makes me. I look at him and my heart smiles :D


  1. Awwwwww.... he's adorable! Congrats on your newest addition :)

  2. What a cutie! So happy for you :)

  3. He's adorable, Cheryl! You're right he does remind me of Gus! Gus had big ears...remember, and long legs! What a sweetie!
    Hugs, Mom

  4. Cheryl,congrats on your new family member Titus!!I am happy to read you didn't get an animal from petsmart,but went to Humane Society!Excellent!
    And you didn't pick Titus....Titus picked you! I hope he will accompany you for at least the next 18 years!

  5. Oh Cheryl, your post brought me to tears. I have such a soft heart for animals and just loved your story. I also firmly believe that this encounter was 'meant to be'. So pleased for you that you've found another kitty to love. I am sure you are going to be so good for each other. He is a very handsome tabby. Teary hugs to you, Sharon x

  6. Congrats on your adoption! Titus is adorable and he's one lucky cat to be in the Valadez home. I'm sure you'll see little reminders of Hunter in him, and I hope you'll share photos of him now and then...Welcome, Titus!

  7. Oh Cheryl, I can see why you fell in love with your gorgeous Titus. What a beautiful kitten. Such lovely green eyes and lush fur. I hope you have many happy years with him

  8. Oh cheryl, I am so happy for you.
    People that have animals are so lucky in life, they give so much happines and love to there owner.
    Love the little one with whole your heart.

  9. oh how beautiful he is! and a black patent leather nose!!

    congratulations on your new addition to the family

    Dunlap TN

  10. Oh ! so cuuute cat ! I love cat so much !
    Your creations are lovely !

  11. He's beautiful! Congrats on your new baby :o)


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