Monday, August 30, 2010

Pirate Luka

Good Morning! I am going to keep this post short, because once again, I have stayed up until the wee hours making a card. That's right...this card is hot of the old stampin' presses just for you. Heck, the glitter glue on the flowers is not even dry yet ;D

Meet Luka...he is one of the adorable images illustrated by Lala Land's own craft diva, Irina Blount. He is absolutely wonderful ;D He is no longer in digi format in the shop, but don't fret, because he will actually be available in rubber along with a few of this fabulous starting September 15th.

Until then, quench your thirst for the new images by snagging Cheerleader Marci and Sweet Dreams Marci digis in the shop for a limited time only.

Okay, that's it for me! The sandman is calling and I don't want to miss out ;D Have a great day!


  1. Oh, Luka is super cute! I meant to buy him in digi form but now I'll wait patiently for the rubber version! Your coloring is just awesome, Cheryl!

  2. Chery what a super cute card you have created. My boy Luke would LOVE this! Your layout looks fabulous right down to the curled corners.

  3. I keep repeating myself ,sorry...AWESOME card!
    Btw,do you airbrush the backgrounds Cheryl?

  4. This guy is just soooo cute, and love your composition! Cheerleader Marci is adorable!

  5. This is a brilliant card, just love the way you have coloured him in & made it look like a map xx

  6. This is gorgeous! Love the colors and the coloring!!!

  7. Here I am telling you once again.. LOVE it!!! LOVE everything about your card!!!

    :) Irina

  8. Oh my ...., I have to fall in love with this lovely little boy, how cute can you get.
    And then you made such a lovely card of him.

  9. what a lovely images are these
    great cards and coloring

    greetings karin

  10. Love this little pirate! Makes me think of my little guy saying, "Arr matey!" lol Super cute card!


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