Monday, October 3, 2011

A day (or two) late...

Hi, everyone!  Another weekend has come and gone...why do they seem to fly by more quickly in the Fall?  Our weekend was packed to the brim with cool stuff beginning on Friday as we were invited to have dinner with friends at their house.  They rolled out the red carpet for us and fed us like we were royalty.  I'm talking homemade fried chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy, zucchini, macaroni and cheese,   and pear and apple crisp for dessert.  Jealous?  Everything was so delish we practically had to waddle back to our house!

The next day, I spent most of my time at my art desk.  I started working on a project that had stumped me for several days, so I forced myself to focus and muddle through.  I finally got my mojo working (slowly but surely) and 6 hours later...voila!  Seriously, 6-hours, straight through, no lunch, no potty breaks, no nothing.  When I finally lifted my head, I felt like I had been living in a hole underground for 100 years, but what a relief to be finished...PHEW!

Sunday, Kirk and I spent the day together, just the two of us, something we don't get to do nearly enough.  We grabbed an early dinner at one of our favorite places in town, Two Fools Tavern.  To all my local peeps who follow my blog, if you haven't eaten there, you really should give it a go.  The absolute BEST fish and chips in town.  After dinner we strolled around Nob Hill and did a little window shopping as most of the stores were closing.  We discovered a new gem and the store clerk was nice enough to let us take a look around even though it was well past normal hours of operation.  It was called Stranger Factory and we will be going back very soon to give it a proper going over.  Super cool stuff.  Next, we headed to the movie theater and watched 50/50 staring Joseph Gordon Levitt and Seth Rogan.  Holy smokes, is this a great flick!  I can't even begin to adequately describe how good this movie is.  Just do yourself a favor and go see it already :D  Then it was home to catch the latest episode of Breaking Bad (such top notch television!).  After that, I baked a couple of batches of cookies and now I'm boring you to tears on my blog with a painfully detailed account of every minuscule thing I did this weekend.  Sorry about that.  I guess what I'm trying to say was a really great weekend.

Now on to my card.  I used a new digi costume image by Bombshell Stamps and paired it with Bombshell Angel.  Are you new to Bombshell Stamps and don't know where to start?  Then start with Bombshell Angel.  She's a sassy little siren who will show you the ropes, plus she has digi outfits!  Yes!  It sort of a virtual version of when we used to play dress up with our Barbies as wee tots ;D  What prompted me to make this card was the World Card Making Day Challenge over at the Bombshell Stamps blog.  Head over there and check it out.  While you're there, take a look around the blog and you'll find a number of awesome challenges to participate in complete with awesome prizes.  And with that, I am going to sign off and bid you a fond farewell, as I hear the bed calling my name.  Night, all!  


  1. wow a fabulous image and card sheryl and as always beautiful decorated.

    greetings karin

  2. She is a cutie and your card is wonderful as usual! Sounds like you and Kirk had a really fun Sunday!!
    Hugs, Mom

  3. I'm glad you had a nice weekend.

    You did a fabulous job coloring the costume and Bombshell Angel.

    I think that's my favorite of the new digis... It's very "steampunk".


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