Friday, October 7, 2011

A New Challenge at The Octopode: Music!

I'm back today with something a little least, for me.  The challenge this week at The Octopode is Music, so rather than go with literal choices, I decided I would use Frida and give my piece a surreal dream-like twist.  Frida was a fairly surreal artist, so I figured that would give me free reign to do whatever I wanted.  Sort of like

I started with a flat canvas, something I never play around with.  I can't even begin to explain what I did with the background, but I do know that it wasn't until I added glossy Mod-Podge that the magic happened, therefore, I have concluded that Mod-Podge must be Latin for "magic" ;D 

I added a couple of skull beads to my butterflies.  I asked my husband if he had anything that I might use to file the backs of the beads down in order for them to sit flatter on my canvas.  He promptly headed to the garage and fiddled around in his dusty (because it's hardly ever-used) tool chest, and came back with a Dremmel drill...brand new, never been desecrated, the bits all sealed tightly in their plastic packages.  What has two thumbs and just got themselves a brand new Dremmel?  This girl...hahaha!  It did the trick, filed those beads down like a hot knife through butter.

Check out the The Octopode's Challenge Blog and see what awesomeness the DT is up to.  Then head over to Lily's shop on Etsy for a gander at all of her fabulous images.  Love these characters!

Catch ya later...until next time, stay crafty!


  1. Fabulous interpretation of the theme! I've not used my Frida yet and this is just perfect, Cheryl! I have some canvasses and of course I've been too chicken to go any further than just gesso. LOL What an inspiring piece! xxD

  2. Wow! Who knew that glossy Mod-Podge could add such a beautiful effect to your BG! Great piece of art work!!
    Hugs, Mom

  3. I keep zooming in on the background to see all the bits and details, this is such a fun piece. So Frida-esque. It really is like a piece of art, I want to hold it in my hands too get a better look.

    BTW that stamp is so Hilarious, so funny, it' really looks like her. Almost missed the skull in the butterfly I was busy looking every where else ;D

  4. O wow this is awesome, love the bright colours xxx

  5. Wow....this is amazing Cheryl!!! Really, really gorgeous. :)

  6. I TOTALLY WONT mind if you let me have this! hahahaha xoxo

  7. Quirky, edgy, and fabulous. So much to love about this piece.


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