Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Good Morning! Here's a new card, as promised and boy, do I feel so much better ;D When I need a crafting pick-me-up, the first thing I reach for are my feel-good, spirit lifting, happy fun-time images....NOT!!! LOL! I reach for my quirky Stampotique images. They may not be overly joy-inducing, but they ALWAYS put a great big, demented grin on my face ;D Heehee...what does that say about me?

No time for analysis...let me introduce you to Bowtie and Mr. Stripes! Bowtie is a handsome devil, doncha think? And Mr. Stripes makes a frequent appearance in my cards, such as this Twisted Christmas one. What's that, you say? You think I might need an exterminator?! LOL! Nope, he's practically a pet!

Anyway, I'm working on class samples for a class I have scheduled for April 10th. I know! That date is just around the corner and as I have mentioned before, folks don't tend to sign up for classes when they don't have even an inkling about the projects. This card is the first of three that will feature the "leading men" in the Stampotique line. At first, I was thinking that this would be the male off-shoot of the Cheerleader class, which featured the Stampotique leading ladies, and I thought maybe I would call them the Quarterbacks, but that doesn't feel quite right, so I am still looking for a clever name. Any suggestions?


  1. GREAT!!! Love those Stampotique people!Your style is fantastic to this motifs!
    xxx Susi

  2. Great card Cheryl, and the sentiment is perfect!
    Hugs, Mom

  3. oh i love this card its sooo fab, these stamps are brillaint and i just love that sentiment xxxx

  4. How about something along the line of "The Varsity Boys" for the class name?

  5. I totally love this. Great images, great sentiment. Just really great.

    *Today's word is great.* Yesterday's word was !@#$%^

  6. love the card, the sentiment is right on! Is the sentiment by stampotique too?


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