Monday, March 8, 2010

My New Blog!

Hello! No new card today, but before you think I have become a big slacker, I must say in my defense that I have been very busy. I have teamed up with Nancy Yoshimoto at China Phoenix 2 and created a blog dedicated to the happenings at this wonderful rubber stamp store. The new blog will showcase upcoming classes, feature information about the talented group of instructors that teach there, and be filled to the brim with lots of updates and informational tidbits regarding products and techniques. I posted a little intro today, so swing by the China Phoenix 2 Blog and check it out ;D


  1. Waaaah! I wish I lived closer! Darn Pacific Ocean in my way!! Congrats on a second blog! I'll just drool a little more....

  2. Great! Looking forward to it. My daughter lives in Albuquerque and we will be down there in Aug. Love the store.

  3. The new blog for the CP2 looks great! Loved the photos of the store, and the class Kathy was giving, she's a cutie, and so is Nancy!
    Hugs, Mom


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