Monday, February 1, 2010


Here's another Valentine's Day card using an image by Christine Adolph for Stampington. This card is a bit simpler than the others, but I think it certainly gets the Vday message across :) Sometimes short and simple is just the right combination.

It is bright and sunny here in Albuquerque...a glorious start for the week. Hope your week is starting out with a bit of sunshine, too :D


  1. You must have been inspired by your glorious weather as this card is truly glorious too! I can't believe I just now found your blog...I will make it a point to visit often!

  2. A Cheryl classic...I'm always excited to see what I'm going to find here...only fabulousness!!!! Hugs,Kathy

  3. fantastic....and..perfect!

    Please send a bit in Vienna it´s cold and grey and the snow comes spring to see!


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