Wednesday, February 3, 2010

My Heart Has Wings

Good Morning. Well, it looks like I spoke too soon and jinxed the fab weather we were having. Today, unfortunately, has brought us clouds, rain and that oh so blah feeling of dampness mixed with cold temperatures. Even my awesome new skylights couldn't muster up a little brightness for these pictures, so let's give a shout out to photo editing programs across the land. YAY, iPhoto!!

This is another Valentine's Day card I created using an older image by Christine Adolph for Stampington. Beautiful as it is, the butterfly did not exactly fill me with that Vday feeling, so a punched heart found it's way to the card to amp up the romance quotient. I slathered a thick coat of Diamond Glaze on the butterfly to achieve that extremely shiny finish. Do you ever work with dimensional lacquer? Give it a try. It is so easy. Just outline the image with the lacquer then fill it in, sort of like decorating cookies with royal icing. Make sure that the lacquer forms a nice thick layer and don't be stingy. Oh! And most importantly...NEVER shake the bottle! You'll end up with all sorts of air bubbles, which is great if you want the finish to look like the craggy surface of Mars, but not so great for non-plantetary projects. The only other drawback to using this stuff is that it takes a good long while to dry. What's that you ask? Why yes, that is a fingerprint on the butterfly's wing, because Miss Instant Gratification couldn't leave well enough alone for an hour or two. Ah, the charm of a handmade card ;D's starting to snow. I hope you're keeping warm at your end of the keyboard.


  1. Gorgeous card, Cheryl! That butterfly is awesome, fingerprint and all! I think that's what gives it a handmade charm! ;)

  2. Hi!

    Found your blog at the BSS forum and wow...I am happy i did. You are making such great cards and i will return for inspiration.

    Really great work, is it ok to add a link to your page in my scrapblog?.

    Have a great week.

    //Katja aka Missledz

  3. Yea iphoto is right. Did you get your new stamps yet??? I'm so loving your butterfly!! Check out the snow on my blog and you won't feel so bad about the rain...I think :)


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