Friday, December 4, 2009

Blog? What blog?!

Wow! Where does the time go? Sorry about the lapse between posts. I don't want to lose the handful of followers that I have, so thanks for coming back. I have to admit, between all of the turkey and the hubbub of activity that comes with Thanksgiving, I completely forgot about the blog...YIKES! Bad blogger...bad...bad...! BUT, I am back and ready to blog, blog, blog...LOL!

First of all, I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday, consumed lots of delicious culinary delights, and thoroughly enjoyed the company of family and friends. I know we did around here!

I am in a bit of a celebratory mood this week. It's a small celebration, mind you, but it makes me happy none-the-less :D I showed a couple of sample handmade cards to a local high-end boutique (Objects of Desire in Albuquerque) and they were thrilled with them. They asked for 20 Christmas cards on consignment. I money up front, but it's a small win and sometimes that's all we need to kick start our creative initiative :) Am I right, crafty friends? The past four days I have been up to my elbows in embossing powder and paper, sort of like a craft crazed elf! LOL!! I finished them this week and delivered 20 cards to the store on Wednesday, consisting of 5 cards each of 4 designs. I've included some photos of the packaged cards, but in my frenzy to get these done, I forgot to take pictures before they were stuffed into the cellophane sleeves. The photos I've posted contain a bit of a glare, but I know ya'll will forgive me ;D By the way, whenever I sell a handmade card, I always do my homework and check my Angel Policies to see how the company feels about using their images in goods for sale. For these cards, I used Tim Holtz images for Stampers Anonymous and they have a wonderful Angel Policy. Most of the companies post their Angel Policies right on their site, but if you're looking for a good one-stop resource for this information, check out the following site:

TIme to drag the Christmas tree out and decorate. I love Christmas! Do you have your tree up, yet? Well, go get it...scoot, scoot, SCOOT! LOL!!


  1. Congratulations on having your cards for sale in a store. That's huge and not at all unexpected. You are one of the most amazing card makers I've had the pleasure to meet.

    Love how you use the Tim Holtz stamps. They are on my wishlist and your lovely cards only further the desire.

    We have the tree brought up stairs but haven't decorated it yet. Perhaps this Sunday we'll get to it.

  2. Cheryl these cards are so classy and wonderful. Sending you wishes for much success with this endeavor! Wow! You did a great job getting these all done within the deadline!
    marilynv19 (Mom)

  3. Woo hoooo! Congrats on having your masterpieces in a store! You're right--it's just the beginning and I wish you tons of success! Yayyyy, Cheryl!!!

  4. Dear Cheryl,
    What a beauty's they are.
    I realy love your style somuch.
    And what a pretty blog you have, love the bird on top.


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