Saturday, December 19, 2009

Naughty or Nice CD Cover

Hello! I am writing this blog post in a tizzy, because tonight my husband and I are having our annual Re-Gift Exchange. Each year we invite our friends over and ask them to bring a gift that they received previously that shall I put it...missed the mark. You know, such as the singing fish plaque that was popular a few years back, or a talking toilet paper dispenser that not only doles out the TP, but also provides witty commentary with each exchange. I don't know about you, but I don't want to hold a conversation with an inanimate object when nature is calling.

You might be thinking, "but I NEVER receive gifts like that". Hahaha! Come on now...let's be honest. I know you have an arsenal of these little treasures packed away somewhere and you don't have the heart to cart them off to Goodwill or the Flea Market, partly because you don't want to hurt dear Aunt Ethyl's feelings, but mostly because you don't want to inflict them on anyone else. Well, at our house, inflict away! LOL!! In fact, the tackier, the better!!

We also ask that everyone bring a nice wrapped ornament, as well. Then folks don't feel so bad when they end up taking home one of those weird Snuggie blankets or an Obama Chia Head ;D

One of my favorite things about our yearly shindig is that my husband and I pool our creative resources and give each guest a homemade CD. Hubbs is an avid music lover, obsessor, afficianado, whatever you want to call it. His music library consists of well over 10,000 songs and resides on it's very own hard-drive for safe keeping. Almost 700 of these songs are related to Christmas. It's a very eclectic collection, with a good hearty helping of Frank, Dean, and Bing, and a dollop of Twisted Sister, The Pretenders, and The Ramones, and a sprinkling of Weezer, The Waitresses, and the Ravonettes. Seems like anyone that has ever hummed a few bars has a Christmas album out and we are well on our way to owning them all! LOL! For our CD, he selects the playlist, choses the order and adds a few movie sound bytes to pepper it with a bit of Yuletide wit.

You're probably thinking...he does all the work, what do you do? I make the CD covers and this year I made 12, one per couple. Our theme was Naughty or Nice and I just happened to have a great word stamp by Stamp Francisco that expressed just that. I paired it with one of the sexy bombshells from Bombshell Stamps and added a quirky Santa hat by Stampotique. I am really pleased with how these came together, but it took me 3 full days to get them completed, therefore, I am scrambling to get things done today! Come to think of it...I need to go!! I've got things to do and I'm sitting here on the crazy is that!! Have a great weekend!!


  1. This is such a fun & unique gift. Love that image, she is HOT. Congratulations on winning the Grand Prize over on the ABC Design Blog

  2. Hi Cheryl! Finally found my list of blogs in my favorites! Took me long enough...well you know how computer challenged I am! My favorites really need organizing! Love you CD covers! She's a cutie!

  3. Chere - what a great idea!! You guys are so creative. Tim bought an IPod for himself for Christmas and has been downloading songs. We have some great old Christmas albums from our two Pops. Some Hawaiian, they are great. Love your CD cover! xox nan

  4. Awww.... you blow me away yet again love love this! Merry Everything! Hugs,Kathy

  5. I love it!!! how awesome that your hubby made the cd, and you made all theholders for them :) very sweet, sounds like you guys have alot of fun!!! :) Nope never received a fish talking, that would be fun, I do know someone that has. As for the toilet paper nope there I did receive a toilet paper holder, but no it didnt talk or sing...LOL Maybe that would have been helpful....LOL Anyways I love reading your write-ups they are sooo fun, and very interesting. Well I just had to leave you another comment, as I was looking at all your beautiful work! Love this one tooo!!! Love how you added the santa hat, and the sentiment on the front is perfect!!!

    Hugs again,
    Cheryl Walker


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