Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Oh Christmas Tree...!

I had my hubby take a little trek to the storage unit this weekend and bring back the tree and all of our Christmas decorations. We have a small house, so there are not too many boxes, but there are enough that we can't store them at home. In fact, he has tried to convince me that we need to get rid of the storage unit altogether, but I insist by saying "...but where will we keep the Christmas decorations?!" What that means is that we basically rent a storage unit to house the Christmas decorations. Sure, we keep other things there, but the Christmas decorations are really the only things kept there that I give a Kris Kringle about. What can I say...I love Christmas!

When the Yuletide decor starts to flood the stores I drag hubbs down each and every aisle oohing and ahhing over every little glimmery bauble or shiny trinket, and lovingly caressing anything that lights up or jingles when you hold it. I listen to Christmas music relentlessly, with The Supremes Christmas CD as my go-to, holiday spirit inducing soundtrack. So, due to my inexhaustible love of the holiday and my uncanny ability to shove it in his face non-stop beginning right after Halloween all the way through New Years, hubbs is not a fan. He likes to give and he loves to get, but he could do without all of the holiday hoopla. Needless to say, he was a bit grumbly when I sent him on his Christmas decor safari this year, but he obliged, just the same. As I started pulling things out Sunday night, I noticed there was a box missing and there were also 4 boxes that had nothing to do with Christmas. The missing box was an important one, because it was home to some of my favorite, most valued ornaments. I know what you're thinking, just use what's there and don't worry about the rest. However, as I've already said, I am relentless when it comes to Christmas, so you know what that meant. Hubbs was going back to the storage unit! By this time, the weekend had disappeared and the start of the work week was on the horizon. Monday morning hubbs sandwiched a trip to pick up my beloved box between his morning visit to the gym and work, which means he was at the storage unit around 6:30am and delivered my treasured box of ornaments to me at around 7:00am when I got up. Now, is that a great guy, or what ;D


  1. Tree looks beautiful,Cheryl and love it next to the fireplace! Very nice!

  2. What a great guy! Love your tree, it looks amazing, especially the katerina.

  3. Wow Cheryl those ornaments are so YOU!! Love your glistening tree! Merry Christmas!

  4. Dear Cheryl, what a beautiful tree and so great the skull ornament.
    I have never seen that in the Netherlands. I love the ambiance of your room and tree, that tells a lot about a persoon.
    And I think you are a lovely family end lovely people.
    I wish everybody a very nice hollyday and injoy each compagny.


  5. Your home and tree are GORGEOUS! Like a page out of House Beautiful magazine! And the snow looks good over your photos! Perfect!

  6. Love the fun ornaments and you take fantastic photos


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