Monday, December 28, 2009

Wow! Did you survive the holidays?

Wow!! What a whirlwind of activity! My heart is still pounding with the adrenaline rush of the holidays. It's strange sitting here at my keyboard not worrying about putting up the tree and decorating the house, picking up a last minute gift, wrapping a few stray presents, washing clothes to pack, or cleaning house as we dash out the door to head down south to Las Cruces to visit family. Kirk wonders why I feel the need to clean the house when we are headed out of town. He'll ask..."do you think Martha Stewart is going to break in while we are gone and do a white glove test?"

Of course, now I am in decompression mode, so my To Do list looks very similar, just in reverse order...unpack and wash dirty clothes, put away the fabulous gifts we received, take down the tree, put away the decorations, and clean house since we have been gone for a few days. That last one is always the star of my "to do" list and never seems to go away!! What a glory hog, it is!!

Now it's Confession's a list of things I didn't get done this holiday season. I usually create fluffy handmade bows and adorn each package...didn't happen. The past 12-years I have made Christmas cards for family and friends...this year, it didn't happen. I'm coming clean, folks, so don't hold it against me ;D

I did manage to make my mom a birthday card, though. Her birthday is on the 19th and I never seem to make her card in enough time to pop it in the mail and send it to her. I always end up taking it with me and giving it to her when we arrive for the holidays. This is what sage advice Kirk had for me as I was stressing to make it the day before we left for LC..."ummm, you do realize it's the same day every year. right?" ARGHH!! This coming from the man who has a Personal Elf Assistant (ME!) to help him shop, wrap his presents, do his laundry, pack his clothes, etc!! Oh well, I love him anyway :D

Back to the this point, I was feeling a little tired of Christmas and longed to make a warm weather inspired card. This card features images by Character Construction and my favorite handy, dandy cloud stamp by Alextamping. I used coordinated glitter papers by My Mind's Eye and I made a matching presentation box for it. I really like the warm honey colors of the paper and feel like they correspond well with the beehive image. I may have gotten carried away with the glitter glue on the beehive. Oh well..LOL!! If the world was covered in glitter, imagine what a wonderful happy place it would be ;D

That's it for today's post. I hope everyone had an amazing Christmas!


  1. I just LOVE the glitter on the hive. Such a serene, beautiful card.

    We did practically nothing this Christmas (with my bad health and all) yet it was still nice and more than adequate. Makes me wonder about all the years I've worn myself ragged with only slightly better results.

  2. I love this beautiful birthday card, Cheryl! Thank you for making it for me. I love the thought that goes with it, no matter if it is early, late or on time.
    It was a wonderful Christmas, fun, laughter,love...good times. I'm a lucky woman!
    Love Ya!

  3. Love to reed your writing, you have such a great sence of humor.....
    Martha Stuart breaking in, just had to laugh so hard I allmost fell of my chair.



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