Tuesday, December 15, 2009

China Phoenix 2: A Tree with Attitude!

Hey, everyone! I'm off to China Phoenix 2 to add my ornament to the tree displayed in the shop window. Our very talented Liz Forbes took the Stampotique characters, blew them up (not literally,LOL!) and let us choose an image to decorate any way our demented hearts desired. Well, I am particularly fond of Global Warming, so it had to be him, without a doubt. Let me clarify that last remark...I am particularly fond of Global Warming, the Stampotique rubber stamp image, not the buildup of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. However, look at him, he is definitely making a statement.

Liz very kindly provided some black foam core on which to mount our images. I practically drenched my guy in glitter glue and it literally took a day to dry. No wonder he has that grimace on his decapitated snowman head! I would, too. The santa standing on his head is a recent addition and not part of the original image! LOL!!

I can't wait to see the completed tree. I will post more pics when I get back!! Tootles ;D


  1. Oh my goodness Cheryl this ornament is stunning!!!! You will rock the house and i hope you get it back!!!!!love love love it

  2. Fantastic ornament! LOVE all of the glitter & buttons :)

  3. Super Cheryl! This is one of my favorite Stampotique stamps!


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