Sunday, June 13, 2010

We shall...

Good Morning! How is the weekend treating you? Hopefully, great ;D Today's card is another of the cards I made for a friend to give her sisters. She asked for 4 cards conveying encouragement. I used some really terrific images by Penny Black that are part of their brushstroke series. I haven't used these stamps in a long time and I haven't the slightest idea why, because they are wonderful!

I have the attention span of a 12 year old and I get excited about the new stuff while the older stuff sits neglected in unopened storage containers crying out for some attention. Bad Stamper...Bad...!! I think I'll try to make it a point to break out some older stuff once a week and play with it. Hmmm...this will probably be easier said than done.

Speaking of older "studio" is overrun with stamps, so I am going to be cleaning some stuff out. Next week I will be setting up my Etsy shop again and posting some stamps and maybe some cards. I had stuff for sale in my Etsy shop last year, but it ended up being another thing that I neglected, so it languished and died, more or less. Sheesh, what does that say about me? Apparently, my cats are lucky that I somehow manage to remember to take care of them from day to day ;D Don't go calling PETA on me! LOL! Those fat fuzzballs are pampered and well fed, and wouldn't allow me to forget them for one nanosecond! Heehee...!

Anyway, back to today's card. Again, it's a simple one, but I rather like it. In fact it's my favorite of the four. No razzle dazzle here, just the bold images of the PB stamps and a few small paper flowers and tiny gems. The inside is one of my absolute favorite word stamps and it works for so many occasions. It reads:

We shall find peace
We shall hear the angels
We shall see the sky
sparkling with diamonds.
~Anton Chekov

Isn't that lovely and powerful? Well, that's it for today. Enjoy the rest of your weekend ;D


  1. It's beautiful, Cheryl! Love the background paper you used!

  2. These brushstroke images are just so beautiful! I'm with you - they give an Asian feel.
    I have so many unused stamp sets, it's not even funny! Although this morning, my son and I broke out a pirate Cats Pajamas set and "tattooed" his arms and hands! Too fun!

  3. WOW!!! This is just BEAUTIFUL!

  4. Gorgeous, Cheryl! So glad you found some older stamps and created such a beauty! The dotty background complements nicely, too...

  5. Oh I totally love this. It's got that beautiful Oriental look I love so much. Love the colours too. Know what you mean about having so many stamps and the older ones getting neglected. I feel so guilty sometimes, then I felt better when I ready your post :)

  6. It's lovely! I really like that set and might look into finding it. But then again, maybe not since I, too have a huge collection of un/underused stamps sets.

  7. What a nice, pretty and feminine card. Love it.
    Thought about signing up for bombshell's blog hop, but i don't really want to sign up for *another* site, you know?


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